Hooray for our first Saturday post!!! Today let's talk fashion. When I'm looking for new clothes I like to look for items that will stay in for more than a month and will also be functional for my lifestyle. But, that's me. My clothes need to allow me to chase three crazy little animals around, nurse my new baby every few hours, while still feeling like a woman. I also like styles that are wearable. There are a ton of fun trends out there but here are the styles I'll be wearing. I've chosen them because they are time tested, cute, and easy to wear.
Vintage Floral Print
Whip out those old flower print items if you haven't already. They are statement pieces this spring. Wear them in skirts, shirts, and dresses. They are here to stay. "Floral Prints are taking over the high streets once again and although they have been around for a few seasons now, this is one trend we can all rely on and will always love." (1)
Ankle Boots/Booties
I've chosen these because I'm in love with ankle boots. They have a little heel but I'm still able to chase after my dirt eating toddler. You can wear them with a skirt or skinny jeans. "Ankle boots are a faithful fashion friend we rely on all year round." (2)
Wide-Brimmed Fedoras and Hats
I wanted something fresh so I went out and got myself a new wide brimmed hat. I found mine for $10 at Love Culture. "This year, floppy hats have really taken a place in the wardrobe of many women, whether it be celebrities, or bloggers alike. A great floppy hat is such a statement piece, especially when you feel like adding a little edge to your outfit."(3)
Native inspired clothing have been in for a while, but here's a super easy piece to DIY."Well this Spring, fringe may just be what the doctor order(ed)." (4)

BONUS! DIY Fringe Necklace


This tassel necklace took me literally (name that show) ten minutes. I purchased a piece of faux fringe about six inches long. I cut two 1/2 inch pieces from the ends for the wrap and hook. I then rolled the longest piece on itself securing with hot glue. I then glued one of the previously cut pieces around the top. And the remaining piece I glued on the inside of the rolled piece for the loop. Easy peesy lemon squeezy.
Other fun trends out there are stripes, tribal prints, black/white prints, and metallic colors. My motto is if you feel confident in what your wearing, regardless of trends and fashion, then wear it! And we all have our own styles. So have fun feeling beautiful and have the best Saturday ever!


  1. Those are some good fashion tips;)) I love fashion

  2. You know I'm in love with clothes

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  4. Thanks Lady! Best show ever especially when you have good company. :)