So, our blog is still new. We are growing bigger each day, but we believe it's important to always stay true to your roots & remember where you came from.

   We have always made every effort to be as professional as possible. We hired a very talented blog designer. Our fabulous friend took stunning pictures for our profiles. Needless to say, we were ready! There was always that nagging feeling, at least for me, that I still had so much to learn. There was also the fear of not reaching the audience we were trying to reach. As nervous as we were, the 3 of us just closed our eyes & jumped right in! We had so much to share! So far, I'm in love with this new adventure with 2 of the smartest ladies I've ever met.

  Soon after the launch of Mumsy, the blogging world was buzzing about the first book in a new series called "The Fairy Birds". (DUH! I'm sure each & everyone of you know about it now!!) As soon as we heard about the premise of the story, we knew we had to get together with the twin cuties who wrote it! Our partner Michelle was brave enough to write our first "ask letter". (Didn't even have a clue what to call it then!) We thought we would have to write a few of these to actually get a response. We were shocked to hear back from them soon after we sent the email!! We learned that there would soon be a book release party & that we were on the press list. (Aaaaahhhh!!) When we arrived, there were swag bags waiting at the door & those cute little twinsies were there to greet us! It was a wonderful day, to say the least. Thank you to everyone else who contributed to throwing a successful party. We knew we had a lot of hard work to do after witnessing an event like this one!
      After the event, I was in charge of our first feature post. (YIKES) Nervously, I whipped up the best few paragraphs I could think of, pushed "publish" & didn't sleep the whole night! I fully expected to change my post a few times. I ended up needing to add more credits that would recognize the people who worked hard to but this event together. But, the way one of the authors (Heather) had approached me for the changes to my post was incredibly warm & kind. 

   On this journey, I always remember to thank the people that make things happen. More importantly, I'm grateful for the ones who have given me a chance. (Especially the people who give second chances like Heather gave to me!) I'm not sure if Heather & Heidi will ever know how much we owe to them for helping us learn those first precious lessons we needed to learn in order to have a successful blog. They truly live by the message of the sweet story told in the pages of their book. "Just give a little!" Natashia, Michelle & I all hope that it was just the beginning of a wonderful partnership! I know I speak for everyone when I say we cannot wait for the next Fairy Birds book to be released!

Thank you, you beautiful twins! Remember to just give a little!
 So much love...

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  1. I am so very sorry for the delay on this comment but Mumsy girls! We love you! I just read the BEAUTIFUL post and started crying, it touched me so much to hear your kind words. You gals are just so incredible, warm, loving, happy and beautiful writers and very talented. I am so glad you started Mumsy and we are so grateful to call you friends in the blogging industry! The online world needs more people like you three! Thank you for your warmness towards us and our brand! xoxoxox's

  2. Oh likewise! We owe you girls so much! Consider this a big 'ol givie heart! You are the best. Thanks for taking all of us to just give a little! Looking forward to seeing you both next time you're in Utah!
    Much Love -LaChelle