Thank You and Honest Freshly Picked Moccasin Review

 Hey there! We're glad you've found us! Last week LaChelle talked about how thankful we are for all who have supported us here. Today I'd like to give my thanks. We are going on six months! Boy does time fly?! We have had to learn a lot already and still have much to learn. But we are up and running, so thank you! There are many people who have given time and talents to help us out and I really don't know where to start. It's actually kind of overwhelming to count them.
I think a good starting point is thanking our family and friends. We started planning for the blog last year and our husbands have been supportive the whole way. My husband has not complained once to me (yet) about the late nights and dirty dishes. A huge thank you to all of our family who support our blog daily but commenting, liking, tweeting, and sharing! You know who you are and so do we. We appreciate you so much. You are our biggest cheerleaders.
I'd like to say thank you to those who have helped us with the blog by giving of your talents. We are blessed to have had professionals practically give help for free with photography, design, domain hosting, web marketing, and more. We cannot say thank you enough! We feel honored that you have helped us.
Lastly I would like to say thank you to the local community as well as the blogging community for being so kind and inviting! We have made so many new friendships. It's really exciting to be among so many amazing people. Some of them are our inspiring mums who you can see here. We have also had some awesome businesses collaborate with us. One I'd like to spotlight today is Freshly Picked.
They have been kind enough to send us a pair of moccasins to review. This company is hotter than Vegas in the summertime. So we have been more than excited to try these bad boys out. My youngest boy wore the moccs for weeks so we could really get some good mileage on the shoes.  My son is two, extremely active, and everywhere so lets see how they did. He tested the Red Rock Suede in size six.
Here's my honest review of Freshly Picked Moccasins.
The first thing is these shoes come in fantastic packaging. You get a drawsting baggie as well as a little FP pin when you purchase them. Cute, right?! They are extremely easy to put on! Right after getting them I would notice my husband putting them on my son instead of other shoes we had, because they were easier to put on. And once they were on they didn't come off! If you know my family, you know my son runs all over the place. He played outside and at play places and they never came off. That is pretty impressive to me. Also, we love love love the design. Can you find a better one out there? They are great for casual or even dressy events. My husband even suggested my son wear them to church. These moccasins come in a large variety of colors and even patterns. Some are even shiny, haha. I mean how cute are these!?!
 I'm also excited for my little girl to wear a pair as she is learning to walk. I mean can you imagine my little chica in a tunic, skinny jeans, and these beauts?! Yes, I'm still in girl heaven, haha. Soft soled shoes are really great for toddlers learning to walk, so these are ones I would definitely recommend for the early walking stages. Also, let's be honest, they are the one of the coolest things your kid can be wearing right now.
My son is super active and so I noticed some wear on the toes after he wore them for a while. I decided for his age and level of activity, they would be better worn as a carpet shoe instead of an all around shoe. So my next pair will be worn mostly indoors. For my thrift store couponing self another con is the price-tag. If I were to buy this shoe, I would try to find them at one of their sales. However, the price is more than worth it if you buy them with the intention of using them for heirlooms. The best way to cherish these little gems is to keep them around for your littlest kiddos. The whole reason they were created was for babes as they were learning to walk after all! 
Oh man looking at this pic, I just love my little guy! And I love you all too! Seriously, it really makes me feel lucky to have such awesome people as you supporting us! Thank you Freshly Picked & THANK YOU to all of our readers for your support!! I Hope you have a good start to your week.

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