Mumsies! It's been a while! I've missed you tons! So, I posted a picture on a previous post & I had a lot of people ask me how I did my makeup for it. So, I thought I should post a little tutorial & show you how simple it was! 

Brushes you will need:

Foundation Primer
Blush (large)
Angled Bronzer
Angled Eye
Lip Liner

Products You Will Need:

Loose Powder
Highlighter Stick
Eye Primer
Gold Shimmer Eyeshadow
Dark Brown Eyeshadow
Medium Brown Eyeshadow
Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner
Mascara Primer
Lip Pencil
Light Lipstick
 Lip Gloss

As always, start with a clean face. Never ever EVER go to bed with makeup on! Your face turns into a sponge while you sleep & you only want moisturizer on it! (Rant over) 

Face: Begin by applying a small amount of moisturizer & foundation primer onto the whole face. Then, dab foundation onto any problem areas, bridge of the nose & under each eye. Apply your foundation with a foundation brush. Wait about 3 minutes to let it set before you brush on your loose powder.

Cheeks: It might sound silly, but suck in your cheeks & make a "fishy" face. (I know you know what I mean!) Now take a selfie...Jk, girl. Jk! Apply a small amount of bronzer with an angled brush to the contours you made while making the "fishy" face right under the cheek bone. Then, take your large blush brush & apply your blush. Along with that, dust a small amount into the bridge of your nose, hairline, & chin. (Commence normal face!)

Eyes: Take your concealer brush & apply your eye concealer from lid to brow bone. You can use your highlighter stick for a primer if you don't have one, but primer is certainly the best! Now take your smudger & apply your gold shadow onto the eye, stopping just under the brow bone & just above the lash line. Next, take your angled eye brush & darkest shadow. Trace the outline of the lid from the lash line to the crease of the eye, stop at the middle of the width of the eye. Make sure your line is sharp. Then, with the smudge brush again (cleaned), tap your medium brown shadow onto the eye on top of the sharp line you just made & blend it to the center of the eye, just passed the dark brown line. Grab that highlighter & apply it to your brow bone, just under your eyebrow. Then dab it into the inside of your eye next to the tear duct. This subtle trick will make your eye look larger & you will seem more "awake". Now, brush on your liquid liner from the outside corner of the eye to the middle of the lash line. Last, but not least, put your mascara primer into each lash. Then follow that with your mascara. The primer should make it easier to get those tiny lashes!

Lips: Rub your lip brush into the tip of a liner pencil. Next, trace the outside of your lips with the brush. Clean the brush you just used, & do the same with lipstick of your choice. Then, all you need is some gloss! (You can highlight the outside of your lips with concealer to keep it in its place.)

There you have it girls! I'm sure you all look amazing! Have a great Friday my lovelies! 

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