Inspiring Mum: Ingrid Sorensen

Hey Mums!  Boy do we have a treat for you!  With Spring well underway, we will be spending all of next week talking about Spring cleaning routines and home organization.  To kick all of that off, we asked Ingrid Sorensen- beloved friend, neighbor, and mother of nine, yes NINE chickies!- if she wouldn't mind being our Inspiring Mum for this month.  

Ingrid is one of the most organized, motivated, and optimistic women we know!  So we thought she would be the perfect woman to lend a little inspiration our way as we head in to a week of motivated organization for our homes and lives.  With that being said, here's to always finding ways to turn the chaos within our homes and lives into a beautiful and welcomed challenge.

Ingrid with her Husband, Norm, along the canals of Venice, Italy.

So, we love your name!  Where did it come from?

My dad has Swedish heritage in his family, and he chose my name.

In our opinion, you live in one of the most beautiful homes we have ever seen!  Mind sharing some more info on it and where you live?

We loved this home, which belonged to our friends, for 8 years before we had the chance to buy it in 2002.  So we have lived in our neighborhood for 20 years, and our current home for 12 of those years. We love having a home that can shelter our children and be a gathering place for friends and family.  We love hosting events, such as our live Nativity, and our annual watermelon bust on the 4th of July, which is a 19-year old tradition for us.  This home has been well-preserved by each family who has owned it over the last 100+ years.  What lucky recipients we are to have a home that has been so well-loved AND well-cared-for.   We really feel the heritage and history of so many important events that have happened here, such as births, deaths, and weddings.  If the walls could talk….

You have 9 kids, right?  Can you tell us about them and your marriage to your incredible husband?

I met my husband here in Provo when I was 17 and a freshman at the university.  It really was love at first sight.  Our dating was a winter-time whirlwind and we were engaged by April.  There is a story that goes along with our engagement, and the short version is this: he rode up on a white horse, wearing a suit of armor, and got down on one knee, told me he’d be a valiant and faithful protector of our family, and asked me to be his bride.  Well who turns THAT down?  We married that June and have had, yes, 9 children.  What a crazy blessing our big family has been!  There’s never a dull moment, and although sometimes I wish for one, I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Having 9 kids must keep you extremely busy!  How are you able to keep a functioning  and organized household with so many helping hands?

I have a knack for being organized (although some days it’s hard to tell!) and I really try to use that to manage all the chaos that comes with a household of 11 people.  I see home management as a fun challenge to be mastered, and really do enjoy the task.  Not that I’m an expert AT ALL, I just like working TOWARD IT is all.  My husband grew up on a farm property and was taught the supreme skill of plain old fashioned hard work, which we are passing on to our children.  They often complain that their chores are “so hard,” so we know we are on the right track!

In a nutshell, what’s your life story and how has it molded you into the woman and mother you have become?

I grew up as the oldest of 5 children, in southern California.  I loved family time as a kid, a little less so as a teenager, but always felt very protective of my younger siblings and we are still close.  I started my motherhood journey pretty young, and I have really tried to watch other women and mothers and glean all the knowledge I can from the good examples all around me.  I love learning about how to be a better person and a better mom, and you’ll almost always find a parenting or self-help book on my nightstand, usually on top of a neglected novel.   I try to get a lot of outside input, a lot of inspiration from above, and above all, follow my intuition—it’s usually right! 

Any final words of wisdom?

Trust your heart as a mom.  Look into the eyes of your children, feel what it is they need, and do the best you can!  No guilt, no comparing!  

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