I have always loved to celebrate the holidays. I even used to decorate our little one bedroom apartment when I was a newlywed. Thinking why I love celebrating holidays brings me back to memories of my childhood. My mother always made holidays magical. Isn't that what childhood is made up of anyway? Magical stories, imagining adventures in your backyard, and endless possibilities ahead of you. I think it's pretty fun to be the maker of such magical memories now that it's my turn.So how do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? This is how we do it over at my casa.

1. Any celebration needs decoration. 

Come on, you know I love an excuse to craft. The banner is black ribbon, green tulle, and black scrapbooking paper. I got the four leaf clovers from an aquarium plant I bought online. I then cut it up and glued them to some white paper.

2. Our family dresses in green the day of.

We don't like pinches over here. And for my babes I usually have a fun shirt or in this case, a headband. I have a girl now! Hooray! Don't you love her Zoolander face?

3. We have an activity for the kids.

 We like going on a leprechaun hunt in the morning. I place green paper itty-bitty footprints all over the place. I made the leprechauns a couple years back and this year I made them some homes. Here's how you can make the houses too. 

What You Need

To start you will need cylinders for the homes structure. The next items you will need are hot glue (you know I live off this stuff), some tacky/elmers glue, and scissors.  And you will want some sort of moss. I used sheet moss but I know you can get moss at the dollar store too. 

You'll need some small rocks for this craft, so grab the munchkins and get outside.You will need to print the siding of your choice. Here are some completely FREE bark printables made by yours truly!!! I had fun making these so I hope you like them.  

Bark Printable2

Putting It Together
Ok its time to put them together. You will want to fit the printouts to your container. You will most likely need to trim off a few inches. Add a thin layer of glue to the outside of the container. Make sure you push out any air bubbles as you add the printout to the cylinder. Hot glue the moss onto the lid. And then hot glue the rocks in an archway for the door.

4. We usually listen to some sort of Irish inspired tunes.
You can listen to the St. Patrick's Day Pandora radio station here.

5. Last but certainly not least, we have St. Patty's Day treats.
Green cupcakes and gold coins are our favorites! We usually get the gold coins at the end of our leprechaun hunt.

 So how do you do you celebrate? And NEW! I'll be posting again this Saturday. Look for new Saturday posts. I'm going to go and dance to some Irish Jigs and get my green on. Hope you have a happy day!   


  1. Your baby is soo beautiful!! And I love the cute leprechaun houses ;)