Self Help: Dealing with Difficult People, Written by a Difficult Person

This picture was taken yesterday. I was giving my husband some sass & of course, he caught the moment on film!  So, naturally,  I pour it online for the whole world to see! Perfect logic, right? 

As I said in my last post, the prior week was a DOOZIE! It just seemed like one really hard decision after another or one difficult person after another. I was just about ready to throw in the proverbial towel! I did everything I could to try & serve the people around me, we took our son to the park, I went on a date with my husband. All of those things usual work. But this time I just couldn't shake it. I called my mom, I talked to a friend, I asked my husband what he would do. Still, nothing. 

  So I cracked open my psychology books from college to see if there was any help in there. I really didn't achieve any scientific enlightenment at all. So what was my problem?? It was pretty obvious the key word in that sentence was "MY". 

  I think I was too focused on my side of it. There were plenty of reasons to be stressed. There were more than enough hurdles to jump. A lesser person probably would have given up. I just got grouchy! There was nothing to eliminate from my life, no people to unfriend on Facebook. (Well, maybe a couple.) Trust me, there were folks I needed some distance from, but nothing life altering. Nothing too serious. It was mostly just a concentrated effort to bring me to my knees. 

  There I go again though, "me me me"! That right there was the problem. I couldn't change anything or anyone but ME! As bad as it was, there was nothing I could make better. I could just face the situation & move on. 

  My little 5 year old doesn't do well with change. He needed his Mommy! (He even said those words over a big pile of Legos I wouldn't help him tackle!) Though I'm sure it wasn't intended, all of these things were robbing him of time with me. I needed to rise above it!

 By giving in to the difficult things in my life, I was becoming the difficult one! I was the brat! People go through hard things every day & I could too! Most of the time we want the other person in the situation to stop or feel the hurt they are making you feel. As valid as those feelings may be, there is NOTHING you can do to make that happen! Can I get an amen?? Maybe even a little hallelujah?? Too much? Alright I'm done. Just remember that you will become the thing you're trying to fight as long as you are fighting it. 

  I really felt like that needed to be shared. There are still so many fires for me to put out & so many people I need to learn to love. But, I know the world will be a better place if we just worry about ourselves, make sure we are being good people & raising good people. Thanks for letting me rant for a minute Mumsies! 

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