Printables: Cards, Cards, Cards!

  Hey girls! It's Friday & I couldn't be happier about it! For me, this week has been what you would call a "doozie". So, I'm thrilled to kick its rump out the door! Whenever I have a rough time, I get a little crazy & I can be quite a hot mess! Every time this happens I can almost always remove myself from the funk by doing something kind for someone else. I usually need to because I can tend to freak out about random things. As I was plotting my r.a.k's (random acts of kindness), I was thinking about what people are doing this time of year. Maybe, if you don't live in Utah, you might not have the same spring & summer experience we do here. But, we go to lots of weddings & birthday parties ya'll! I mean like 1or 2 a week! I thought it would be nice to make some cards to give this season. So, my idea was to make adorbs blank cards for all of you to share during this lovely season! These are as artistic as I get Mumsies! Have a great weekend & party it up!!

Love you mums! 

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