Selfhelp: Bring Luck to Yourself

  What do you think about luck? Does anyone believe it's a real thing? I've been thinking about it a bit this week. On Saint Patrick's day my son had asked me what it meant to be lucky. I had to tell him that I really want sure. People have told me that I'm "lucky" for various reasons. (I don't wholly agree) I've met people that I thought had good fortune. But I really don't know what qualifies one to be fortunate without really doing anything to arrive at that exact definition. It is however, something I would love to confidently call myself lucky. (Who wouldn't?) I'm just the kind of person that doesn't believe you can get anything for free, or without hard work. I've worn my wishbone earrings all week & I still haven't won the lottery! So, what can you DO to bring "luck" to yourself? 

  I had a few ideas to help you not necessarily be lucky, but to have a better, happier life. I guess It's all relative. Am I right??

1. Positive affirmations- These are some of the easiest ways to bring happiness & peace into your day. Nothing mystical or magical here! All you're doing is giving yourself a positive reminder of the things you want to bring into your life & leaving out the things you have no use for. It can be a scripture passage you have memorized, or simply something you write on a sticky note & keep on your desk. It can even be something you repeat to yourself throughout your day. It really is up to you! Just keep it positive!

Example: "I'm a good mom" 

2. Attract good things- If you are thinking positively, you will act more positively. Then you will attract positivity! Anyone with a mother that gives a lot of advice, even when you don't want it, would hear "you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar". This is something my mom would always tell me when I got dumped or had an argument with a roommate. It always got on my nerves. But, I knew it was true! (I hope you're happy mom!)

Example: Having a bad morning? Give a sincere compliment to "that" mom as you drop your kids off at school. That might have been tough, but it opened a door to more easily to "scatter sunshine!"

3. Work it girl!- Obviously, you have to work hard for what you want! I truly believe that nothing in life comes for free. If you want something, nothing will stop you if you are willing to work for it! 

Example: Do you REALLY need an escape for this girl? 

4. Accept failure & shortcomings as a gift.- Have you ever  proverbially fallen on your face & NOT learned from it? If you haven't, you're doing it wrong! These are stepping stones on your road to mastery.

Example: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. received 2 "c's" in public speaking while he was still in school. Have you ever heard of a little speech called "I have a dream?" Me too!

5. Believe in yo'self! (Yes, I did say yo'self!)- You deserve it girl! Your goals can be small or large. You just have to believe that you are worthy of that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! 

Example: You wanna ask for a raise? You've put in the work! March your buns into your boss's office!

 So, in conclusion, do I think that luck is a real thing?  Not really. Do I think you can be in charge of your own destiny?  absolutely!! I hope this helped you all with your endeavors! You deserve it! Be good & work hard Mumsies!


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