Valentines Craft: Love Lanterns

  This was so easy & fun! Valentine's Day is tomorrow, & if you're like me, I craft until the last minute! I would think of kids Valentines crafts way before I was ever a mom! You should probably be glad I wasn't a blogger when we had our first preschool party! I unloaded ALL of my crazy on that poor teacher! It was good for everyone that I was able to get that over with & out of my system... UNTIL THE NEXT YEAR! Hahahaha!! (Witch cackle)

  All you need is...

3 glue sticks
3 sheets of tissue paper
washi tape
3 glass jars
3 tea light candles

  You're probably wondering why I didn't include Mod Podge in the list. I would have if I was working by myself, but there was a 5 year old involved in this project who would have glued his hand to the nice dining room table we were working on. (Maybe mine as well!) The glue sticks made it easier for him because he could peel off any misplaced tissue paper. If the glue had dried, we could wet it a little & fix it. 

  We started out by trying to glue the tissue paper pieces inside of the jar. We did it for the blue one in the picture.  It looked great,  but it really wasn't worth the stress of trying to get the pieces to stick where we wanted them. It made the finished product look professional &  dimensional, but the other two looked great & were less complicated for tiny hands.  

  When you tear your paper pieces make sure they are less than 2 inches wide. I used larger pieces on the blue jar as well. I think that drew away from it looking like stained glass. Also, make sure the pieces don't overlap too often either. It will make it hard for the candle light to escape. 

  The rest is up to you! I lined one jar with washi tape & another with a giant white heart. You don't have to do what I did. Feel free to use your imagination! 

  We are using one for our dinner table to light our romantic dinner & one for the little one's teacher.  The last one will be delivered to our Nanny for her valentine!

  I hope you all have a ton of fun making this Valentine Day craft & an even better holiday!  See you soon! 


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