I know I speak for all of us here at Mumsy when I say, "I LOVE where I live!"  Utah is one of the fastest growing states in the US; and that doesn't come as a surprise to us because this state is ah-mazing!  Offering countless family friendly venues, a plethora of outdoor excursions and so much more, Utah is definitely the place to be.  But, instead of searching for countless hours on the internet, or talking to a variety of people for ideas on what to do, go to and purchase your very own copy of the book Playdate with Salt Lake City and Utah's wasatch Front

After hearing about this book, I had to check it out for myself; and instantly fell in love with it!  Here's why...

This book:

1) Is designed for parents or anyone else who looks after/raises children.

2) Has over 200 local adventures.

3) Lists the hours each activity will take to do, how much each activity will cost, and tips on how to get a good discount.

4) Contains 320 pages of full-color photographs.

5) Lists special attraction events.

6) Is prefaced by Jeanette Herbert-the current First Lady of Utah

7) Was written by Emily Smith Robbins and Meilani Smith Kongaika, two stay-at-home moms who spent 2 years driving over 15,000 miles on the open road to find and test out the best that Utah has to offer.

Childhood passes in the blink of the eye; so why not let Playdate with Salt Lake City and Utah's Wasatch Front help you spend those brief years creating and going on carefree adventures that will form endless memories and lasting family relationships?  If you do, I can guarantee that you won't regret it!

P.S. Enter ADVENTURE10 at checkout and save 10%

Loves and Hugs,

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