Here at Mumsy, we love a good party! I recently threw a party with a diamond
theme & it was a blast! I used really simple decorations for the most part, but there was one that I used that I thought you might like to have a tutorial for. I'm calling it the mini diamond piñata! This cute little gem is sure to impress your guests! 

What you will need...

1 cardboard box
scissors, exacto knife
scotch &  electrical tape 
(I used electrical tape because it stretches easily, but you can use whatever you want.)
1 package of foil tissue paper

To start out, draw a diamond shape on your cardboard using a pencil & ruler. This will be the s size of your piñata, so use this to trace the rest of the shapes on your cardboard. 

Next, cut halfway through the paper accross the diamond from point to point. (Pictured)

 Tape each peace together at the flat edges. Tape the long edges first. (Pictured)

Then, bend the pieces at the weak spot you created through the middle of the diamond &tape them in place. 

Next, cut strips of tissue paper 1 inch wide. Cut them into even fringe. Then cut them into pieces 2 inches long. Now tape them onto your piñata. There is no rhyme or reason to taping the tissue onto your diamond. Just make sure it's completely covered. 

Then you are all done! I'm sure it looks amazing! Tell us if you end up making this for your next clam bake. I would love to see your pictures! 

Have a great Wednesday Mumsies!

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