I currently teach varied fitness classes five days a week. It's been an amazing journey for me to learn how to lead a class, execute form, show modifications, move to the beats, and know what will be coming up next. I've been teaching now for almost two years. I love fitness. I have always loved fitness. It truly makes me less cray-cray and helps me know that I am the best me I can possibly be physically but most importantly mentally.  
 I have been really fortunate to be a part of the fitness world where I live. I've met some amazing ladies. Before I had my teaching gig I went to a neighborhood/church program that was free. That's where I met Geneen. She basically ran the program for four years at the same time delivering amazing exercises week to week! And seriously her workouts are killer. So I have asked her to guest post for us. She's shared some of her favorite cardio and toning  moves. Make sure before doing this workout you warm-up.

You can warm-up here first with me. See you on the other side. 
Meet Geneen-

 She says, "I'm really just a self-taught fitness junkie! Lots of videos watched, research done, and things tried. I also run, but I'm not exceptionally good at that. :) Is there anything else you'd like to know? Mother of four crazies? Married 10 years."

Geneen's Favorite Moves
Skaters, 12 and each side
Start with wide stance, then take left leg and put it behind the right leg, with knee bent, toe touching the ground. Clasp hands in front under your face, elbows up. Jump to the side from right leg to the left, kicking right leg behind you and coming into a soft squat on the left leg. Circle hands around your face, keeping elbows up and you transition from side to side.

**Modify the move by stepping from one foot to the other, leg going behind and bending at the knee in a soft squat, omitting the jump. Continue circling the hands around the face.

Traveling side to side pushups, 6 each side

Start the pushups on your knees, raising to pushups on your toes as you get stronger. Keep your back straight (like a plank!) and take one hand, place it in the center and the other hand out to the left side. Lower your chest towards the flood, keeping back straight and abs in tight. Come up and shift outside hand to the center and the inside hand out to the right side. Repeat pushup, traveling back and forth.

Squat hold at 1/4, 1/2, and full squat, hold 20 sec each

Plant feet slightly apart, hands out in front. Release at the hips first, pushing them towards the back wall, then lower your bum towards the floor, hold for 20 seconds. Without coming up, lower a bit farther into a 1/2 squat and hold for another 20 seconds. Without releasing, push your hips back farther and lower into a full squat or as low as you can go, making sure your knees are not over your toes and you should be able to wiggle your toes slightly. Hold for 20 seconds, then come up out of squat.

Burpees, 12 reps
Start with hands raised above the head, feet apart. Squat down, placing hands on the floor. Shoot or jump your legs behind you into a plank position, keeping your body straight. Jump legs back to your hands, then jump straight up, extending hands towards the ceiling.
**Modify the move by lowering hands to the floor, stepping back into plank, then stepping back to hands, standing up and doing a calf raise with hands raised.
Wall sit, hold for 30 sec, 12 knee squeezes
Press your back flat against a wall and bring your hands behind your head with elbows wide, then lower your bum towards the floor until your legs are parallel to the floor. Hold for 30 seconds. Without getting up, go right into 12 knee squeezes, opening you legs wide and then closing them to touch your knees together.
Tricep dips, 12 reps
Sit on the floor with your knees bent, hands behind and under you with your fingers pointed towards your heels. Raise your bum off the floor, then bend at the elbows and lower your body back towards the floor without touching it and then straighten arms. 

1 leg squat with calf raise 10 ea side

Balance on one leg with the other leg out in front of you, about 6 inches off the ground, arms out in front of you. Release at the hips and lower your bum towards the ground in a squat on one leg, then raise yourself out of the squat and lift into a calf raise, all in one movement. Repeat movement on opposite leg, switching off each time.
Jack knives, 12 each side
Lie on your side on the floor with your legs stacked, bottom arm reaching forward on the floor to stabilize you, top arm bent with hand behind your head. Bring both knees up towards your chest while at the same time crunching your top elbow down towards your knees. Extend legs back out to straight and release side crunch.

**Modify the move by keeping bottom leg straight and on the floor, only bringing the top leg up towards your chest.


Fun right?! So good! Make sure to stretch. Also make sure to drink lots of agua and eat a healthy snack. You can cool down here with me. If you were at one my classes I'd give you big high five! Have an awesome weekend. You've earned it!

Always consult a physician before performing any new workout routines.