By the time winter is over, I just wish I could crawl out of my old nasty skin like a reptile & have a brand new layer underneath. But, alas! We are mammals & have to figure that out ourselves! I went ahead & made it simple for you! 

  I love making my own skincare products. I love knowing everything that is in them even more! I've made a list of the best natural ingredients I could think of for you to put your own scrub together that is just for you! 

  First,  take a picture of the side of your face. Go ahead & make a list of problems you would like to clear up. Then, take a look at this list to make your own post-winter scrub. Then, use it twice a week for 3 weeks & take another picture. I promise you will see a huge difference! 

  • Brown sugar (not golden)
  • oatmeal (use steel cut, not instant)
  • lemon (keeps the pimples away, high acidity-good for deteriorating dead skin cells)
  • peaches (alpha-hydroxy content breaks down dead cells & helps build new cell turnover)
  • salt (classic skin softener)
  • sugar (balances oil, softens skin, humectant-draws moisture from your environment, glycolic acids-breaks up cells & promotes new skin growth)  
  • baking soda (small enough to only remove the top layer of skin)
  • Epson salt (one of the purest salts you can buy)
  • Himalayan salt (another pure salt, aroma therapy)
  • aspirin (anti inflammatory-helps calm red or puffy skin)
  • green tea (another anti inflammatory,  great for puffy skin)
  • bananas (hidrates & fights wrinkles)
  •  Avocado (also fights wrinkles)
  • milk (softens skin, removes stains)
  • strawberries (gets rid of oil, great for dark spots)
  • honey (antibacterial & fill of antioxidants-saves skin from harmful elements in the environment)
  • Almonds (don't blend too much, they will become almond milk)
  • pumpkin (vitamins c & e, full of powerful enzymes)
  • yogurt (stimulates blood flow)
  • Coffee grounds (brightens & lifts, buy a small jar if you aren't a coffee drinker)
  • cocoa (also brightens)
  • papayas (high acidic content)
  • Pineapple (high acidic content)
  • kiwi (vitamin c, anti aging properties)
  • tomato (contains lycopene, which protects skin from harsh uv rays, especially if the seeds have opened in the blending process)
  • cucumber (restorative for sensitive skin)

 When choosing salt & sugar, etc., make sure they are more fine. You wanna go easy on your skin. You won't have the cell turnover rate you want if your decimating your new skin along with the dead cells!

  Make sure your face is clean before using scrubs. Your Face should ALWAYS be makeup free first. Before your scrub application, it's always a good idea to pat your face with a warm wet wash cloth to open your pores! This will maximize the effect of the scrub & even remove black heads.

After you have applied the scrub in circular motions, make sure you save that washcloth. Warm it again with water. Then wipe the solution from your face. It will feel so nice when you splash some cool water on it to finish the job! This will seal up your squeaky clean pores.

  Make sure you only keep your scrub for 2 weeks, maximum. Always keep it in the fridge.

We're done for today babe's! I love it when you ask questions though, so feel free! Have a great Tuesday! 

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