My son Gus LOVES to paint.  But, recently, I have noticed him becoming very bored with this once favorite activity of his.  After pondering about it for a minute, I finally concluded that it must be the materials he was using.  So, the next time Gus and I sat down to paint together I gathered materials that were completely different from the ones we were using before. 

Instead of using our standard water color paint trays, paint brushes, and     8.5 X 11 paper I opted for washable poster paints in primary colors, every day household objects, and a long roll of butcher paper (you can get the poster paints and butcher paper from Walmart for under $10).  When my kitchen table was completely covered in the butcher paper, I set up my every day household object and placed out three empty bowls in front of Gus.  Next, I asked my son what colors of paint he wanted to paint with today and then went about mixing them in the three separate bowls and explaining how you can get different colors when you mix other certain colors together.  This alone, was a huge hit.

Once all the colors were thoroughly mixed, I explained to my son that instead of using brushes, we would be using Q-Tips, play dough cutters, and various other objects to paint all over the butcher paper.  As soon as I finished my last sentence, Gus immediately grabbed a Q-Tip dipped it into the green paint, his current favorite color, and began placing dots all over our butcher paper clad table. 

For the next 30 minutes, we each sat at the table admiring and laughing about the various dots, zig-zags, and smears that we were making all over the paper.  By the time we were finished, Gus was so in love with what we had created that he eagerly insisted that I leave it up for the rest of the day.  So, until dinner that evening, our beautiful work of art rested on the table in the center of our kitchen, bringing a huge smile to my face every time I glanced at it.  Gus had regained his fondness for an activity he once loved and all it took was a little intuition and creativity.

So, the next time you find your wee ones loosing interest in something you know they usually adore.  Why not shake it up a bit?  You just may surprise yourself and children with the result that can come from a little activity revamping.

And, if painting is the activity that's getting the near kiss of death in your nest, below is a list of all the items I used in lieu of brushes to hopefully help you breathe new life into this beloved past time.

Loves and Hugs,

Alternatives for Painting Brushes:

Rubber Stamps
Rubber Stamp Rollers
Tooth Brushes
Tooth Picks
Play Dough Rolling Cutters
 Rubber Spatulas

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