We have had a rough week with this young man! We are well aware of his behavior issues & we are prepared for that. But, how do you help someone else deal with that. Better yet, how do you teach someone else prepare for that? This is precisely what we are dealing with at the moment.  

  Our little one is having a hard time at school. Particularly with his teacher. I'm hesitant to share what has been happening because this post is not about bashing this woman. She is a good teacher. This post is about teaching someone to have the patience it takes to nurture your child's learning to be a part of a group. 

I stopped by his classroom last week & saw him sitting aside from the rest of the class on a rug in the corner. I asked why this was happening. Her response was that it was a consequence for not sitting still. This broke my heart!   We spend about ninety percent of our learning time at home on behaviors. But, there is only so much we can do in our home while teaching about groups when he is the only child in our family at this point. So what do you do? 

1. Have a letter to the new teacher saved on your computer. This way you can update it whenever you need to for each new situation. In the letter, you should make them aware of everything you know about your child's condition.

2. Be totally honest! Make sure they know exactly what you expect from them & at what pace you expect your child to be developing. Volunteer as much time add you can spare to help out in the classroom. Also, ask for lesson summaries & behavior practices they are using in the classroom. If they are upfront & tell you that it isn't something that will work for them, then take it in stride. Move on to a better fit!

3. Be prepared to scrap it all & start over. I anticipate that this will happen often before we find a healthy routine. I fully intend to switch him if he starts to struggle with what we have chosen for him. Just remember that spirited children are creatures of habit. They don't do well with change. So make sure it's absolutely necessary! 

I hope that this post has helped you Mumsies out there with crazy kids like my little man! If not, thank you for indulging what has been on my mind! Until next time gals. Have a great Monday! 


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