My little boy just informed me that he has his first loose tooth! I'm so excited for him to get his very first visit from the tooth fairy!!! I really want it to be special for him. I know he won't always be this excited about this stuff, so I want to make it count! I really love the trends that are all over Pinterest right now, but I don't love that you have to pay a fee for most of them. So, in honor of my baby approaching this milestone, I thought I would pass on some free printables to all of you. I think it's really important for our little ones to feel special & you shouldn't have to spend a fortune to make it happen!  

The first trend I came across was that she would leave receipts for the teeth she took from under the child's pillow. This would be something sweet for them to look at later in their baby book, scrap book, etc.   
The next trend I loved was the teeny-tiny letter she could leave. Just think of our kiddos getting so excited about the tooth fairy taking the time to write them a personal note! The fact that they are little just kills me! I made this stationary normal sized so you could see what you are typing. But, you should be able to shrink it easily before you print it. It comes complete with an envelope & the "official seal of the order of the Tooth Fairy". (Already made smaller!) I left the letter blank, so you could fill it in with a personal message, to make it more believable.
I hope my sweet little guy loses his chomper soon! The suspense is killing me! I hope you all will be able to make it special for your tots as well. Do have a unique tradition in your family that helps bring a little magic for your kiddos? We want to hear about it if you do! If so, leave a comment about it! Have a wonderful Friday Mumsies!!

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