Welp, it's officially January.  We still can hardly believe it is a new year, but are extremely excited for the goals we have set and all the potential that 2014 holds.  Speaking of goals...Here at Mumsy, one of the things we wanted to incorporate more into our site was you and all the fabulous things you are doing.  So, to kick off this new resolution, we have a wonderful guest tutorial by Mumsy Evonne.


Hi! I’m Evonne and I am a mom of four crazy, wonderful kids. Translation: my life is a state of constant chaos. The best kind of chaos, mind you, but it’s crazy around here. Lots of laughter and lots of noise. 

 I wipe more bums and noses than I care to count. We battle through tantrums and messes and boo-boo’s with the best of them, and somehow end up loving each other more at the end of each day than we did at the end of the last. We are a family of creators - my husband builds and fixes, I sew and craft, and my kids want to do it all. So we keep it simple, easy projects with everyday supplies (running to the store for a quick ‘something’ with four kids in tow is anything but quick!). 

Our snowflake project is the epitome of all those things. The kids man the supplies, mom mans the hot glue and together we create! This project is one of our very favorites and we recreate it every year. I hope you enjoy making one as much as we do!

{Photo Courtesy of The Ballard Bunch}
All you need is:

*Package of jumbo craft sticks (found mine at Robert's)
*Small wooden discs (also found at Robert's)
*White craft paint (you could spray, too)
*A hot glue gun (have you gotten one yet?)
*Glitter (any color you choose)

{Photo Courtesy of The Ballard Bunch}

Using hot glue arrange the craft sticks
following my pattern (or make your own!).
Tip:  The angles @ the center
(underneath the big disc)
should all be 60 degrees.
Once dry, paint with white glue.
While that's drying, paint your discs and immediately add glitter
(they'll stick to the wet paint).
Adhere painted and glittered discs with hot glue.

That's it.
You're done.

Thanks again Evonne for sharing such a fun, inexpensive, and child friendly activity.  We can't wait to try it out with our own little chicklets!  To learn more about Evonne and the fun and creative things she is doing, you can visit her over at her blog: The Ballard Bunch.

If you too, have something you would like to feature here Mumsy, contact us at {or click the Contact tab at the top of the page for a direct link} with your thoughts, projects, ideas, recipes, etc.

 Loves and Hugs,

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  1. I am totally going to make this. I was sad to take down my Christmas wreath, now I have something to replace it with!