I started teaching fitness classes in April of 2012 and have never watched myself teach until making these fitness videos. I knew I made mistakes and often said stupid stuff. There's really no other way to explain it. But after watching these video I feel so much more self conscious of my word choices. Isn't it funny how watching yourself can do that? So if you think these videos are good, just wait. :) I will get better.  
Today I'm going to share my favorite abs exercises. Together they target all parts of the abdominal as well as other regions of your body. I had to retake this video about 6 times because of kiddos and music issues. My favorite take was where I was about ten minutes in and my boys started fighting in the background. I couldn't help but laugh when I watched the replay. I was busy doing my plank hold and you hear in the background, "No, that's my toy!".
 This was followed with some wailing and yelling. I should post that video. Hahaha!
  Needless to say after that many takes my abs are pretty sore. So seriously, if you're not sore after the first time, replay the video again. I can first hand guarantee it will make your abs work. If your starting new workout goals, trying something new, or just continuing old habits this should be a killer workout for you. Here's some of the moves you'll be doing in the video.
Russian Twists


Boat Pose
 Back Strengthen Exercises
 I called these Rock Star Abs because I feel they are the most efficient exercises. In this video you will do 8 different exercise each targeting different areas of your core. You will want to start with a light warm up before starting this exercise. You can warm up with me by clicking the link below.
You will need a mat or towel and space enough to lay down. Always wear comfortable clothing when exercising. Okay, Ready? Set, ABS!
So how'd you do? Make sure to drink lots of water. I hope you enjoyed this exercise! I often say in my classes that you deserve a hand. Seriously, exercising is hard and you have to be self motivated. So good job! What types of exercises do you want to see next? Arms? Legs? Yoga? Cardio?
Thanks for working out with me or at least laughing with me. Wishing you all sanity and peace.
[Always consult a physician before beginning a workout routine]

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  1. I loved your workout my abs are sore and turning into amazing!