I am the oldest of five children, did countless hours of babysitting, have a dual degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education, and a few years of grade school teaching under my belt.  So, when it came to my husband and I raising our own little chickies, I thought my extensive background in all things children would make my journey in parenthood a cake walk.  

Boy, was I W.R.O.N.G.

Instead of being a cake walk, there have been many times when it has seemed more like a crap shoot.  Seriously.  With my first child, Gus, Dave and I were practically clueless.  Sure, I had all the education one could possibly need, but when you throw sleep deprivation, postpartum baby blues, and a little chickie that is fully and continuously reliant on everything you have to give, text book education and all that other fluff goes out the window.
For me parenthood was, and still sometimes is, all about survival.  However, now that I am the Momma Hen to 3 little chickies I have collected countless little nuggets of wisdom that have not only boosted my confidence in parenting, but have also taught me the following:

1) It's O.K. to let your kids watch more than the recommended daily dose of T.V. time every now and again if it means that you are able to keep your mental sanity in check.

2) Instead of making sure you cross off dishes, errands, laundry, etc. on your daily To-Do list, make sure that snuggling, educating, loving, and playing with my chickies are always crossed off.  House hold chores will never change, but our children will.  Therefore, it is vital that we are ever present in our children's lives when they are young so that our continual influence and presence can have an impact on them when they have grown.

3) Humor is a cure-all.  For me, when I am just about to loose my cool and yell, say a string of profanities, or even do both, I try to burst out singing in an operatic voice instead.  Weird, I know.  But, it instantly diffuses the tension and sometimes even gets my chickies' attention; which, is probably because they think I have gone absolutely looney.  But, I like to think it is because I've got mad vocal skills.

4) Child-proof EVERYTHING...including the garbage can if you have child like my Birdie.  Seriously, that little chica eats and gets into everything!  And, for sanity's sake, I have learned that it's better to spend the $40 on a locking garbage can lid than it is to find my almost 2 year old daughter eating a poopy diaper (true story)!

5) Never stop saying, "I love you."  In the end, the only thing that really matters is Love.  And, if you do your best to keep that feeling ever present in your home, words, and deeds, you will move mountains baby.

When it comes to challenging life experiences, I have a dealt with quite a few.  But, parenthood is by far the hardest thing I will ever do; for it is the only thing that will ever continuously cause me to stretch and grow in ways I never thought possible and endlessly challenge me to be better than I was the day before.  Despite all the hardships, I belong to three beautiful chickies and they in turn belong to me; and that is by far, the greatest gift I could ever receive.

Loves and Hugs,

{P.S. I came across this a little while back and found what it had to share to be very true.}


  1. Such sound advice for every mother. Especially the part about how to defuse the tension. I use that in my classroom and it works every time. Everyone feels soooooo much better. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you Terri! We are so glad that you too practice defusing the tension in your classroom. You are phenomenal!