Anyone who knows my sweet little Birdie, knows that she is definitely not your average girl.  This chica was born with a passionately wild and rambunctious side that keeps me on my feet ALL the time.  So, when it came time to celebrate her 2nd Birthday, I wanted to created a party that fit under the following objectives...

1) Cost no more than $50.

2) Was as fun, hands on, and energizing as she was.

With that in mind, I decided to throw her a Birthday party that was based off her favorite movie, Monsters Inc. 

Here's how I did it:

Food-Going off of Birdie's favorite characters from the movie, I created foods that reflected them in one way or another.  My  favorites were Harry Haussen's   PB & J Sushi, Randal's Rainbow Monster Cookies, Sully's Monster Juice, and the Monsters Inc. Birthday cake that I made from scratch (a big feat for me, since this is only the third tiered cake that I have ever made in my entire life!).

Decorations-Since the monsters in the movie are bursting with color, I wanted the same type of color pallet for the party.  By the time the room was completely decorated, the room was bursting with color!  I also printed off pictures of the movie characters and used them as decorations throughout the entire venue, as well.

Activities-Keeping with the Monster theme, I planned activities that easily and clearly reflected it.  Of course, the kid favorite was the Monster Bounce House!

Although a lot of planning and preparation went into this party, it was well worth it because I met and even exceed the expectations for my objectives.  But, the best part of all was getting to spend the afternoon surrounded by loved ones and watching how excited my Birdie was to have an event that was all about her.

The day was simply perfect.

*This pic makes me laugh because Birdie was constantly running around and smiling during her party.  But, because of her constant movement all the pictures I tried to capture of her smiling turned out blurry!  So, when I finally made her stop for just a second so I could capture a non-blurry picture of her, she got really upset and refused to smile!

Loves and Hugs,

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