Come on sing it with me. Love is in the air.... If you haven't figured out, I love the holidays and I'm a little bit of a dork.

 I have been purging my home for some time now so I wasn't surprised when I opened my Valentines Day decorations box and found it lacking in contents. But I was not upset. Oh no, this was an excuse to make some easy Valentines Day crafts. And remember, I'm addicted to crafting? Another thing you should know about me is I have a craft stash which feeds my craft addiction. Yes, I have beads, felt, stickers, and markers coming out the wa-zoo.  So I thought about my resources and here's what I came up with.

1. Potted Roses
All you have to do is take a small pot or container and roses and arrange them so they fill up the container. I had previously purchased the roses at the dollar store and had the small pot on hand.

2. Paper Straw Cupids Arrows
You know those trendy paper straws floating all over the place? I used those to make these easy vase fillers. I took some wooden hearts I happened to have and hot glued them to the straws. Then I cut the feathers and glued two to the bottom. How fun would it be to make the hearts different colors such as gold or even add some glitter? I have them in a jar with it labeled cupids arrows. Here's where you can download the label I made.
Don't have these items? The feathers you can buy at your local Walmart or craft store. The wooden hearts you can find at most craft stores as well. And I did a little homework and here's where you can order the paper straws.

3. ME + YOU Printable

A super easy way to decorate is with printables. The one pictured is from our friends over at Caravan Shoppe. You can get it here. The frame is from the dollar store though it would be fun to look at a thrift shop for a more vintage frame. Maybe I'll take a look later this week.

I also wanted to share the free printable  below. I made it up
really fast in honor of this post.  My Valentines Day gift to you all!

Pretty simple right?
How's your week looking? Busy or relaxed? I have all these little things to get done this week so I've got my game face on. I'm going to own this week. I hope you all do too!

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