It's a new year and we are busy making resolutions or at least trying to make improvements. Yesterday's post about resolutions was fantastic! I really enjoyed the positivity in the resolutions suggested.  If you didn't get a chance to read it, you can read it here.
Anyone make a goal to lose weight or maybe exercise more? If we were playing family feud, I'm sure that would be the top answer for resolutions made. I know it can be hard to workout with the kiddos around though. You turn on an exercise video and suddenly you are a kid magnet. Or doesn't it seem that just as you've slipped on your yoga pants you're having to clean up a bloody nose? It is definitely hard to get your own time with munchkins on the loose. Here are some fun activities that will aid in occupying the kids while getting your blood pumping. This is also a fantastic way to wear out the kids during this winter season and burn off some of their cooped-up energy.
I told the kids we were going to play a game of pretend. So this can be a imaginative activity to do with the kids. Feel free to put on some music. This should be fun, so give a little instruction and then let loose.  I encouraged my kids to interpret the moves how they'd like. Feel free to repeat movements. After going through the moves you could also let your kids request or make up new moves. Have fun!
March like a Soldier
March in a circle.
Froggy Hops
Squat down place hands on the ground. Hop up and back into starting position.
Windmill Twist
Stand with feet wide. Feet stay still as you twist at the waist as you reach for your opposite toes. Twist back up to the starting position. Repeat for the other side.

Hop Like a Bunny
Hop with both fee around the room

Roll Like a Ball
Sit towards the top of your mat. Hug your knees close to your chest. Roll backwards onto your back and then back to starting position.
Flying Birds or Dragons
Flap your "wings" and glide around.


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