Meet Courtney aka CJane aka Goddess of Provo.

If you were to Google "One Woman Wonder", you would pull up her gorgeous mug.  And we ain't kiddin!.  Aside from being a fabulous Mumsy and Wife, Courtney runs a highly successful blog, spearheads a killer annual Rooftop Concert Series, and is continually doing all that she can to revive our hometown's creative community (hence the reason we have dubbed her the Goddess of Provo).

Honestly, we could just go on and on about Courtney!  But where would the fun be in that?  We would much rather let her do all the talking; so here ya go! 

Name: C. Jane Kendrick

Where do you live?: Provo

Do you have kids?  If so, how many?: 3 with one coming this spring.

What are your hobbies/passions/things you absolutely love?: Well, I like to write, but it’s now more of a profession than a hobby. I’m pretty passionate about our revival of downtown Provo, it’s where I spend a lot of my work time. And I really love the desert. 

Your Story/how it has molded you into the mother/wife you are or want to become: Once I realized that motherhood is not a hat I wear, something to take on and off, but actually an adventure I’m having, it became so much more enjoyable.  Motherhood to me, isn’t a responsibility, it’s a choice. It’s like the Choose Your Own Adventure books I read with my five year old son. And the more I explore that idea the more children I hope to have. Let’s go with a dozen! Why not?

What is the greatest thing life has taught you so far?:  Always listen to that spirit, muse, life-force, inspired thought (whatever you call it personally) because it has a habit of knowing exactly what you want and how to get it. It’s overwhelmingly accurate. And powerful. And really, really beautiful.

{Pssst...In May, we want to feature an Inspiring Mum every week.  So, if you know a Mumsy that you think would make a great Inspiring Mum, e-mail us @ explaining why.}

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