I have totally caught the love bug. My house is full of Valentines Day decorations. We were eating lunch yesterday and my son lamented, "We didn't celebrate love day!". I thought it was funny he thought we had missed it. I assured him that it was still coming and that its actually called Valentines Day.
So I decided to give a go at doing a Valentine Day nail designs today. Glitter's so hot right now (name that movie) and I love red nails so why not both? You will need red, gold, red glitter, and gold glitter nail polish. I also used toothpicks to make the hearts.

I painted all my nails red except my ring fingers. Next I painted my ring fingers gold. Then I added two layers of glitter coordinating with the colors. For the hearts I clipped the tip of a toothpick off so the end would be blunt. To make the heart shape you make three large dots in a triangular pattern as pictured below. You will want to keep the dots close for the next step. 

You will then dip your toothpick again into the nail polish and connect the two top dots to the bottom one. Do not connect the top dots or you will end up with a triangle. We do not want love triangles :). Add a top coat and your very own fantastic Valentine Day nail design!

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