Does anyone else feel like their house is empty after the Christmas decorations are put away? I sure do! I feel like I need to explain to my guests "we aren't moving, we just aren't celebrating anything right now!" I love my house & all of the d├ęcor we have acquired through the years, but it always feels like it needs a little boost when January hits. I promise I'm not the lady that has her holiday crafts finished a month early. If anything, most things in my life fit in under the wire! So, I just had to put up something!

Valentine's Day decoration

  So, here is my tutorial for this sweet little Valentine's Day decoration.(No pressure! Make it whenever you want!) It's a mix of a dream catcher & a heart shaped mobile. So, I'm calling it a heart-catcher!!

 Here is a list of what you will need!

  • 1 wire hanger

  • 1 sheet of red scrapbook paper for your heart hanger

  • 3 sheets of scrapbook paper for your arrows (whatever colors you like)

  • branch cutters

  • duct tape

  • string, twine, or party streamer

  • 1 glue stick  

  • scissors

  • 5 twigs from your yard

  • washi tape

  First, hold the top of your hanger & pull on the flat part on the bottom. Shape the flat part into a point. After that, you should be able to hold onto the point at the bottom & push it upward, so that it maintains its shape. After that, the parts on both sides of the hook should be curved.  My hanger wasn't as flat as I wanted it, so I just set it under a book until I was done cutting my paper.

           Next, use your duct tape as an anchor to keep the heart shape in tact.

  Second, cut out 2 hearts & 2 chevrons for each arrow. Then, cut each of them in half.


  Third, get those branch cutters & trim all of the sharp edges off of your twigs. You want them as smooth as you can get them so they don't catch on your strings. Next, with your branch cutter, you will want to cut 2 length-wise notches at each end of your twigs. You will want to make them about half the length of your hearts & chevrons. This will make them look more like arrows.

 Fourth, glue the edges of your chevron halves & heart halves. Insert them into the slots that you cut on the ends of your twigs.

  Fifth, duct tape your string onto each twig. Line each end of the duct tape to make stripes on the arrow.


  You're almost done! Just use a little more duct tape to fasten the string onto the back of your heart. Turn it around & hang it wherever you can admire its beauty best!!

  I hope you had fun making this little heart-catcher, I know I did! Have a great Tuesday Mumsies!

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