Gus loves to play outside.  But, with our nest currently resting in a foot of snow, my little man doesn't get outside to play as much as he would prefer.  So, when cabin fever starts to settle in, I quickly whip up a huge batch of sensory snow, throw in some brushes/plastic spoons, mini diggers {his current obsession}, and other objects that may interest my little man and let the hours of creative play begin.

If you too find that you and chickies are currently cooped up indoors more than you would prefer, than making your own batch of sensory snow will do wonders for your sanity and your children's restless little hands.

Here's how you make it.


* 3 cups of baking soda (you can buy a large bag of this stuff at Costco/Sam's Club)

* 1/2 cup white conditioner

* Optional 1/2-1 tsp of mint or peppermint extract

* 1 large plastic bin (I use an old bin with a lid so that I could store it and use it again. This stuff will last for about 2-3 weeks before it dries out.)

* small toys/utensils to play with in the snow.


1-In a large bow mix together the baking soda, conditioner, extract (optional).

*NOTE: I like to double my recipe so there is more for Gus to dig up, mold, and bury things in.

 2-Transfer the sensory snow into your bin and add your toys/objects.

3-Enjoy some time playing in the snow with your chickies without having to worry about getting cold or putting on/taking off layers of snow clothes. 

Loves and Hugs,



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