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Ready for another craft bomb like this post? Many of us are super busy this time of year! And this month seems to go faster than we can say Naughty or Nice. So here's some practical, quick, and easy gift ideas. They're all pretty simple and there's something for everyone. Each craft is also very affordable. They can be great stocking stuffers too.
This post shows how to make:
Ninja Stars - Kids
Paint Stick Puppets - Kids
Glitzy Clothes Pins - Ladies
Man Rags - Men
and Family Photo Magnets - Everyone

Ninja Stars

My boys turn everything into weapons. So here's a weapon that you can be ok with. Foam ninja stars. The best part is these bad boys are extremely inexpensive.



1. Trace and cut your shapes out. You can download a template here - Ninja Star Template

You will want to cut out contrasting colors for the inside and outside shape.

2. Once you cute them out it is time to glue them together.

"Hi-Yahhh"  That craft is officially karate chopped!
 Paint stick Puppets
You can pick up paint sticks at your local paint store for FREE! This craft is great because you can customize the puppets to be animals, monsters, dinosaurs, or even your family! Its also a great way to use up leftover fabric, buttons, beads, and even jewelry.

  • Paint sticks
  • Buttons, pom pom balls, beads, googly eyes
  • Fabric ( I used cotton and felt)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


1. Once you have assembled your supplies glue on the face. I used felt to make the mouths.

2. Next run a strip of glue along the back for the clothes. You want the clothes to start and end in the back so you don't see the end.

(Tip: You may want to add embellishments. I added felt flowers, buttons, beads, and pieces of old necklaces to the girl puppets.)

 Here's my little guy testing them out.

Glitzy Clothes Pins

You can use clothes pins for so many things! You can use them to hang your Christmas cards, as bag clips, or a bookmark. The possibilities are endless which is why this can be a super great gift! Make the clothes pins red and green if you're using them to hang your cards. To package them just clip them to the side of some beautiful and sturdy paper and voila!

  • Clothespins
  • Elmer's Glue (Other glue works too)
  • Glitter
  • Paintbrush (Preferred but not required)  


1. Open your glue up and dip your paintbrush into the glue.

2. Paint the top of the clothes pin with the glue.

Something that made things easier for me was to put glue on all the clothes pins before adding the glitter.

3. Pour the glitter onto the glue.

Tip: When working with glitter, be sure to pour over paper. When you're done you can fold the paper in half and carefully pour back into the container.

4. Once the glue is dried shake off the excess you're all done!

Man Rags
We all have looked for a simple inexpensive homemade gift for the husband.  Well, this is a gift you and your hubby can enjoy. It will stop him from stealing your dish towels for his next project. Its a container of legit man rags for working on the car, yard work, or whatever!

  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Wipes container
  • Vinyl Fabric (Or some other fabric that can get dirty)
  • Thick fabric such as leftover jean, khaki, or t-shirts (Great way to recycle!)
  • ModgePodge
  • Button (Optional)


1. Measure the length for the bottom of the wipes container. Cute a strip of vinyl at that measurement and long enough to wrap around. Look at the next pictures if your unsure of where to measure.

Your fabric should wrap like this.

2. Glue the fabric starting at one of the back corners and glue at the corners, and along the lid making sure not to glue on the lid.

3. The container I used tapered towards the bottom. If yours does this too you will have to add a fold. (see below)

Glue the corners at the folds if your tapers.

4. Use some ModgePodge on the inside of the fabric and press. You will need to lay the container on a flat surface with a book on top to potentially get it smooth. Once it is dried you can touch up pulling the vinyl tight. 

5. For the lid you will want to lay the container down and cut a square that is big enough to wrap around the lid to the edge.

6. Spread more ModgePodge on top of the lid. then place the fabric onto the lid, centering it. Once centered you can secure the fabric with hot glue. Work around the edge of the lid. You may need to fold the corners on the lid as well. See step 3. Trim any excess fabric from the lid and container.

7. Cut your man worthy fabric to desired size.

8. Add the fabric to the container.
Now your hubby will have a go-to box of rags. This could be convenient for him too if he's going to help a buddy.
 If you're going to add a button like I did make sure to secure it tightly and with lots of hot glue. This cannot be fragile!
Family Photo Fridge Magnets

These little jewels can be given to anyone! Need a gift for your aunt? Here you go. You're hubby needs some pictures at the office? BAM! Wanna give your teenage daughter some love for her locker? Done. You can customize the inside to just grandkids, the whole family, or even a favorite band. For todays craft I used pictures of the whole family from some old leftover Christmas cards.

  • Magnets (I prefer the round ones, but the tape kind will work too.)
  • Pictures
  • Pen
  • Bottle Caps


1. Trace a circle around the picture. I used a magnet which I found a small but good size.

2. Add a magnet onto the back. I had magnets with adhesive on the back but I put a dab of glue on it anyway to secure it.

This helper put the magnets on.

 I hope these crafts were fun, easy, and helpful! Let me know for next time if you have any requests! As always comment for questions and email us a picture of your finished goods. We might just share with everyone your lovelies!

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