Oh, and something you should know about me, if you don't already, is I'm addicted to crafting. Seriously, it's bad.
 Since we are giving away a beautiful wreath for your home I thought I 'd share two crafts I just did to spruce up the place.
Recycle your milk jug, grab a planter and send your kids out back. You're on your way!
  • Planter with an opening about the size of a milk jug
  • Empty rinsed milk jug
  • Pine cones (You can buy them with stems or without. Collecting pine cones could also be a fun activity for the kids.)
  • Scissors
  • Knife
  • Strand of Christmas Lights

1. Cut the milk jug in half.

-If using pine cones with stems poke holes into the sides and top of the jug about 1 inch apart.

- If you're using pine cones with no stems I would suggest attaching them with liberal amounts of hot glue.

3. Stick Pine cones into the slits from step 2. If they aren't staying you can reinforce with my best buddy, hot glue.

4. Place the lights into the planter and carefully stick the jug over the top. I cut a slit down the side so the cord could come out. The side with slit is in the back. You can do this step before attaching the pine cones as well.

5. Once you've positioned the jug around the lights, add any missing pine cones until they cover most of the space.

You can see I added a mixture of pine cones.

  Plug em in and enjoy!

I learned this classic from my mother-in-law. So if you're looking for a more traditional craft here's one for you. You can also make this craft more updated with contemporary ribbon such as polka-dot or chevron and some button eyes. Whatever you do send me a pick! Seriously, I 'd love to see your versions.
  • cinnamon broom (Can be found at craft stores and sometimes grocery stores)
  • ribbon (I used traditional ribbon, but you could make this more updated with some polka-dot or chevron printed ribbon)
  • large red pom pom
  • googly eyes or two large buttons
  • Embellishments such as holly or pine sprays

1. Separate the top part of the broom (the bristles) . Secure the top part of the broom with ribbon. 
2. Glue the eyes and nose towards the bottom of the bristles.

3. Add ribbon below the nose where the bristles gather.
4. To make the bows glue ribbon into a circle. Then add some glue in the middle and fold over.

To do multiple bows stack them on top of each other slightly staggering them.

5. Add the bows and embellishments as much as your heart desires!

 Hope you're keeping some sanity and fun in this season! Love you all!

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  1. Love these crafts! My reindeer almost looks as good as yours...ALMOST. ;)