In keeping with the tradition of our homespun week I wanted to share with you how to make a Christmas staple. What is more traditional for Christmas than a stocking? We have tradition in my family that started with the first grandchild, ME!! Every time there is a new baby they get a brand new, hand-sewn stocking from our Grandmother. (We call her Nanny!) So, we all grew up using the same stocking every year. They are treasures for all of us. I still use mine!!
Now I admit, as much as I love sewing, I'm not the best man for the job. I always find a huge project that is WAY out of my league. I would always end up scrambled, frustrated &, most of all, disappointed! After a few years of that, I met a new friend name Miriam & my hope was restored!! She is THE most talented seamstress/creative mind I have ever met. Not to mention, she is a great friend! It's no wonder she started a crafting website called Mad Mim. I would anytime you need to be inspired, you can always count on Mim to do the trick! Her site is full of craftiness that will work on any budget. You will definitely have a unique item that is all yours!
As always, I checked Mad Mim & these beauties popped right up!
DSC04176 Christmas Stockings to Cheer
 If you are looking to start the same tradition that my family started all those years ago, there is a wonderful post there with a great, no stress tutorial on how to make your family sweet little stockings that they will love forever.Your job is to make them your own! I can tell you that Mim's stockings reflect her family's personalities. (The red, white & green stocking is made from her husband's t-shirts!!) There has since been another little bird added to her nest. Her sweet stocking has it's own post, since she came after the fact. It fits right in & is just as special!
I hope you enjoy making your family these sweet little treasures. However you choose to personalize them, I hope you get to take a moment & enjoy seeing them hang on the mantle, in front of a warm fire, with your loved ones close. Have a wonderful Thursday Mumsies!!

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  1. Love the sweet stocking your Nanny made for you! Thanks for the feature! Xo