I'm on one lately. Every year I get out all of my decorations & inexplicably have a month-long need to CRAFT! Who needs a clean house when there are millions of beautiful scrapbook pages to cut & glue back together!! Gah!!! I need help, I know. I'll do that later! Every year I become obsessed  with a new project. (As if I don't have enough to do already!!) 3 years ago, it was bunting & puff ball garlands. 2 years ago, it was wooden block ornaments. Last year it was super fancy paper snowflakes. This year, it's these babies!! I've made them into a beautiful garland using yarn & clothespins. But, you are welcome to put them anywhere you please!!
It seems like every obsession of mine requires not only fancy scrapbook paper, but fancy tools as well! My favorite place to go is They have a wonderfully unique selection & the quality can't be beat. If you sign up for their Memory Lab you get unlimited access to 2 photo editing sites, as well as a really easy way upload pictures & order prints! Totally worth your time!! 
The first beauty is actually from our
"6 Frightfully Frugal Decorations" post in October. Our lovely Mumsy Natashia included an easy tutorial on how to make these sweet pinwheels. Please refer to her post on how to make them. (She explains it WAY better than I ever could have!)
 The next is by far my favorite decoration to make this year! I always wanted to know how to make them & thanks to Pinterest, I finally do! There were a lot of tutorials I found, but none of them made
much sense. So, I made up my own! Hopefully mine is simple enough & a little easier to understand!

Have fun decorating !I hope all of you are having a fabulous, safe & warm holiday season!
 Love you Mumsies!!

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