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   The last Christmas we had was really fun! Our son was 4 & had really started to get excited about Santa Clause. (We were also happy to use Santa's list as leverage for behaving himself!) We watched the movie 'Elf' with him about 10 times before November had even ended & loved every second of it! His favorite quote from the film is still "You're not Santa! You sit on a throne of lies... You smell like beef & cheese!" So naturally, when we told him we were taking him to the mall to sit on Santa's lap, he confidently said "Yeah, the real one, & not the beef & cheese one!!" Needless to say, we were bursting with laughter! That is still one of our favorite family memories!
  Now, of course I know the true meaning of Christmas. I know that it isn't about the gifts or how much money you spend at all. But, I still love Santa!! With it being Christmas Eve & all, I thought it would be fun to post about him. Christmas eve is his day right?

  We have found the PERFECT site to help you & your little ones get excited about their visit from the jolly old elf! Head over to sometime today. I only wish I had known about it sooner.

  There are so many things for your whole family to do there! You can send & receive letters from Santa, personalize elf stories, chat with elves, print coloring pages & so much more! The Mumsies favorite parts of the site would have to be the Santa tracker & being able to "catch" Santa in your home! You can get live updates of where the sleigh is & see pictures of the reindeer with the link to the Norad Santa tracker. With the Santa catcher you can upload a picture of the inside of your home & paste an image of him in the act! So fun!!

  Whatever you do to celebrate today & tomorrow, I hope it is safe & warm. But, most importantly, I hope it is spent with the ones you love! Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!!

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