This time of year, it always seems like my chickies are coming down with something.  But, now that I have three little ones to look after, my budget wont allow me to run to the Dr. every time one of them gets a runny nose, cough, or bizarre looking patch of dry skin.  So, over the years, I have come up with my own natural and budget friendly Mommy Must-Haves that help keep the sickies at bay.  Of course, if these don't do the trick I will eagerly fork over the co-pay and take my kids to see their pediatrician.  However, I have found that the following items will usually do the trick.  So, from my medicine cabinet to yours, here are the things that I simply can't live without when it comes to being Dr. Mom.

1. Zarbee's-If you haven't already heard about this stuff, you have now :)  I found out about it a couple years ago and have been a devoted user ever since.  Seriously folks, this stuff does wonders for that nasty little cough that just wont let up.  Not to mention it's drug, dye, and gluten free.  You can learn more about this wonder product HERE.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar-Probably since it's creation, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has been used to alleviate countless ailments.  The one thing I like to use it for the most, is ringworm.  Just the other day, my oldest son Gus, developed a small patch of it on his leg.  So, I pulled out my bottle of ACV, poured a little bit of it into a bowl, diluted it with some water, and placed a cotton ball in the mixture to soak it up.  Then, I placed the cotton ball directly over Gus's ringworm, placed a large Band-Aid over the cotton ball and left it there over night.  By the next morning, it had significantly cleared up and by the next day, it was completely gone.

3. Oils-My two current favorites are DoTerra Lavender and Lemon oils. Here is how I use them...
Lemon: I love to use this one when cleaning because it does a killer job at eliminating germs.  So, whenever something has more germs on it then I would prefer, I simply place 2-3 drops of lemon oil into my spray bottle, give the bottle a good shake to mix it together, and then spray the mixture directly onto whatever I am cleaning.

Lavender: I have two uses for this.  1) Whenever my chickies have a hard time going to bed I rub a little bit of lavender oil behind their ears and/or on their chest; and the scent instantly lulls them to sleep.  2) My kids are pretty active, so I am constantly attending to cuts and scrapes.  To help dull the pain of these boo boos, I rub a little bit of lavender oil on the minor wound and their pain quickly decreases.

4. Lansinoh-I used to just use this stuff on myself while I was nursing, but when Gus once got some chapped and cracked lips that wouldn't mend with just chap-stick the thought popped into my mind to use some of my Lansinoh.  I mean, if this stuff can do wonders for my cracked and aching girlfriends, it would do the same for my little guys lips, right?  And sure enough, it did.

5. Little Remedies Saline Nasal Spray-This stuff is awesome.  Each time my chickies get a stuffy noes, I whip this puppy out and put a few drops in each nostril to clear up the congestion.

6. L'il Critters Gummy Vites-Before I discovered these, Gus and Birdie hated taking vitamins.  Then, one day while I was at Costco, I stumbled across these and decided to give them a try.  Made with natural fruit flavors and colors looking like the gummy bear candy, Gus and Birdie instantly fell in love with them and have never complained about taking their vitamins since.  And, since my kids are now getting their recommended daily dose of vitamins, their body is able to maintain a more healthy state.

7. Flora Infant's Probiotic-After complaining to my Sister-in-law about how tired I was of my chickies getting cold after cold, she mentioned to me that her number one defense against the common cold was Flora Infant's Probiotic, and now, it is mine too.  I LOVE this stuff!!!!  The next time your own little one begins to come down with a cough and/or runny nose, go to your local whole foods store and pick this baby up.  If given to your child at the first signs/stages of a cold, it will obliterate it.  
(Note:  This stuff is a little pricey, but like I said, it is well worth it.  To make my last longer, I store it in the freezer.)  

And there you have, my Must-Have Dr. Mom essentials that not only will help you save a little when it comes to Dr. visits but will also make you feel more empowered as a Mom.

Loves and Hugs,

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