I recently read an article recently that really spoke to me.  It was on one of my favorite and was entitled "10 Friends Every Mom Needs". The list goes like this...

1. The invisible friend- The one that lives inside your soul. (yourself)
2.The bright sided friend- The one who sees the glass half full.
3.The generous friend- The one who praises every small thing you do. She will help you out before you can ask
4.The happily married friend- This gal should be solid! Your example in good times & bad.  
5.The health nut friend- Do I even need to explain this one??
6.The brutally honest friend- She will tell you if your butt really does look big in that dress!
7.The illogical friend- This one is my favorite! (I usually take this role in my friendships!) Sometimes you just need to be crazy with a crazy woman!
8.The logical friend- The one that keeps your feet on the ground.
9.The wise friend- She's ready to listen & give great advice.
10.The romantic friend- Love the one you're with. Remember that your partner is just that, a partner!

I would encourage all of you to read this article & make a list of what you need in your friends & try to match those up with the ones you have. If you don't have a match for some, there is always room for more. Take a look at this article here. Enjoy!

This really got me thinking. First, I felt the need to make sure that I wasn't just one of these to the people in my life, but that I was simply a GOOD friend. But then I thought about all of the people I meet. The mom at the playground, the lady in my yoga class that I can't help but laugh with, the girl I see everywhere. It's true what they say, you really can't have enough friends! But which ones are essential to me? Which ones will enrich my life & help me remember who I am? So, I made my own list. I figured that I didn't need to include myself or my husband because I feel like those two are obviously the relationships that come first. Obviously we need to keep the ones we love close & they are our top priority. I'm talking about the ones outside of "my world" or "my bubble". The confidant that will keep it real & walk with me through anything. Flakes & gossips need not apply! We are talking about the real ones here people!

So, here is my list! I narrowed mine down to 5, but if you do decide to make one of your own, list as many as you want! I wanted to post pictures, name them & praise them to the point of utter embarrassment! But, alas I strive to be one of these friends too. It's important to remember that in order to have good friends, we need to be good friends.

1. The ever-present- This lady is the one who I have known for 9 years, maybe longer. She never judges. She listens. She has been there for every milestone, every heartache, every triumph. We have even been on an epic vacation together. Most importantly, she has been successful at removing me from the trials & made me laugh all the way. I love you!!

2. The silly goose- This one happens to not be a mom at all. I often stay up talking to this one way too late & I always pay for it the next day. But, I always feel a little lighter when she's around. I escape from the occasional monotony of my life. I know people look at us & wonder if we have escaped an institution of some kind because of how loud we laugh at each other. But we don't care! Our jokes belong to us! She may not have a brood of her own just yet, but if she decides to someday, those children will be the most hilarious human beings on the planet!!

3. The brutal babe- She's the one that can be honest to a fault. She will annoy me until I cry. But she is incredibly dear at the same time. She says it like it is & makes no apologies about it. There are few things I won't do without getting her opinion first.

4. The beloved- This one is family. It's an added bonus that she is a dear one. She & I have a connection that reminds me where I come from. She knows my past. She knows my crazy & why it's there. Whenever I question something that may or may not deserve my attention. I think of the love I have for this special girl & I automatically have a gauge for what I should give my energy to & what isn't worth it.

5. Mom of the year- I'm convinced she was born to be exactly who she has become. Mother of many, loving wife, superwoman! Even before she had children, she was a MOTHER. I often feel like the bad mom of the group because of my circumstances. (Having a spirited little one!) But, without fail she will call me for no reason on my worst day & fix my issues with her magical mom wand in 5 minutes or less! She gives incredible advice, but I don't even need her to give it to me. All I have to do is watch her with her kiddos & I'm ready for the next challenge! She loves those tiny people of hers like I've never seen anyone love before. I hope all of you find a gal pal like her. She is a gem indeed!

That is all for this week in Mumsyland! Please share about your experience with this subject in the designated section below. I would love to see what other people need in their relationships. Come back next week for some super recipes & new insights on womanhood! Can't wait 'till we meet again!!

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  1. You are such a gift to those around you! You can make me laugh like nobody's business!! And what an amazing writer you are!!