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It's that time again!! The time we all stress about all year! Not only do we all have parties, school plays, house guests, anxious children, church functions & decorating to attend to. We also have to shop for gifts! Does anyone else get overwhelmed by this? I know I sure do! I do have a secret to share. I get most of my gifts on Cyber Monday! If you haven't tried it yet, you might be pleasantly surprised!

I have done some research over the years & found that Cyber Mondays are not only the best deals for gifts, but also the best way to stock up for the year. There are 2 factors that really make it appealing. You get to do it all in your pj's & you aren't camping outside suffering from post nasal drip! Don't get me wrong, If you have the guts to do black Friday you are my hero! There are some killer deals out there that only last a few hours that day. I'm just being honest, I'm a total wimp! I wouldn't last 30 minutes out there! Our lovely Natashia is the toughest lady I know. If you need some guidance on Black Friday survival, she is definitely the woman to ask!

By far, the best deals I come across every year would be children's clothing. This is not only what I put most of my budget onto, but I can get quality clothing for the whole year at pennies on the dollar!! My favorite sites for this are,, & They all have great discounts & deals for Monday. You can even get the discounts on clearance items as well!
(Clearance items are usually clothes from summer & spring. This is where I stock up on next years wardrobe!) I only stick to giving clothes to my child for Christmas because my experience is to just give a gift card to anyone else that might not share your taste & have to return your gift!

For electronics & kitchen appliances I would say your best bet is Amazon, Overstock or E-bay. If you aren't finding what you need there, try the website of the brand manufacturer itself. Tech warehouses like Best Buy & Fry's are alright, but be weary of the "deals" they are offering. Sometimes they aren't deals at all!

One of the largest trends in gifts for women is boutique accessories. There are so many of the sites right now! Some of the most popular choices are stamped necklaces, scarves, purses, beaded earrings & necklaces, clutches, & watches. seems to be the gathering place for all things boutique &  lovely. This site actually has Cyber Monday deals site wide.

The next thing I always get is toys! As you would think, Wal-Mart & Target are usually the sites to check first!!

Something new to me this year is subscription boxes. I love the idea of a gift that keeps on giving! This way you can give the subscription to your loved one on Christmas & still hear about the wonderful surprises they get every month for the duration of the subscription! Win-win I say!!

I have two tools that I utilize this time of year. The first thing I check on Cyber Monday would be group savings websites. They will usually have savings on the item you are looking for itself, or something like "$40 to spend for $20" where you get a store credit, plus the special discount as well!

The next item to check off is my favorite couponing websites. & are my favorite places to check in for daily savings. But, if you are looking for a great deal Monday morning, check these two bargain havens for list of savings. You will not be sorry you did!

Well Mumsies, I hope you are all waking from your tryptophan induced comas rested & refreshed! If you are already out pounding the pavement for Black Friday, good luck to ya! Until next time!!

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