Now that Summer is over and countless mothers/caregivers have sent their chickies off to school for another educationally filled year, there are still many women out there who find themselves at home with little ones too young for grade school.

I, am one of those women.

Although Gus is now three and attends preschool for 2.5 hours a day, 2 days a week.  I still have endless hours in my week that Gus is yearning for his little hands to stay busy and his mind to be endlessly filled with new things.  So, it is in moments like these that I go back to my days as an early childhood educator and whip together an activity that is frugal, requires minimal assembly, and creates some educational fun for my little man.

One way I do this, is through books.  Gus loves books!  Especially the book, "Caps for Sale."  He just simply can't get enough of those crazy monkeys!

So, in playing off of Gus's admiration for this book, I quickly created an activity that combines that theme of the book with color sorting  and counting.

Here's the break down:

Activity: "Caps for Sale" counting and color sorting activity.

Materials Needed: 
Brown, white, red, green, and blue cardstock paper.

Permanent marker


Book: "Caps for Sale" by Esphyr Slobodkina

How To:
Assembling the activity-
1.  Draw 5 caps on the green cardstock, 4 caps on the blue cardstock and 3 caps on the green cardstock.  Cut out the caps and then outline them with your permanent marker to make them look more like caps.

2. Draw and cut out a monkey on your brown cardstock paper and a peddler on your white cardstock paper (you could also find images of these online and print them off).

3. Take your pieces to your local copy store and laminate them to make them last longer.

Doing the activity-
1. Read the book, "Caps for Sale"

2. Activity- 
  •  Place the peddler and the monkey on a flat surface (Gus and I like to do this at the kitchen table or on the living room floor).
  • Divide the caps up into their separate color groups either off to the side or above the monkey and the peddler.
  • Playing this with your child, you will ask your child to place a certain number or color of caps on the monkey and/or peddler's head.
Example dialogue-for younger chickies age (3-4)

"Let's find the blue caps and place them on the monkey's head.  Can you find the blue caps and place them on the monkey's head?"

"Good job!  Now let's count how many caps are on the monkey's head"

Example dialogue-for older chickies (age 4-5)

"Can you put 3 green caps on the monkey's head and 4 blue caps plus one red cap on the peddler's head"

"Good job!  How many caps do we have all together?"

Happy Playing!

Loves and Hugs,

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