Thanksgiving crafts: book pumpkins

I attended a craft day recently with some of my neighbors. The most adorable things there were these little book pumpkins. I wish I could take credit for them, but my friend that hosted the craft day is the brain behind this! They are so easy to make & they are CHEAP!! It should be under $5.00 for 2 of them!!
Let's get going! Here is a list of all the things you need:
One paper back book from the thrift or dollar store
Thin twigs from your yard
One sleeve of raffia wrapped wire from the craft store
Glue gun & glue sticks
Kitchen or bandage scissors
Exacto knife
Gardening sheers
Cardstock (I used a car ad from the newspaper) 
Thin plastic (could be cut from a milk carton)

1. Start out by cutting your cardstock or plastic into a half-oval shape.
2. Next tear the paper back off of your book & its spine.
3. Then rip out the blank or half empty pages from the front & back of the book.
4. Trace around the shape your cut from the cardstock or plastic with your exacto knife. (Cut slowly so it doesn't snag!) 
5.  Keep going over the same spot until you are through the whole book. (This may take a while, so sit in a comfy chair. It's also quite messy! I wouldn't do it over carpet.)
6. Open the cut book at the half point & face it down with the spine up.
7. Cut the twig to your desired length with your gardening sheers.
8. Draw a line of glue down the middle of the spine.  
9. Press your twig onto the glue & fold the spine around it.
10. Do the same on both sides of the original glued area.
11. Glue the front & back pages together.
12. Wrap the raffia wire around your finger or a pencil to curl it.
13. Bend the wire in half & wrap that around the base of your twig.

Tadaaaa! You are done!!
 Now you have a really sweet center piece for your Thanksgiving table!
Enjoy Mumsies!! See you next week!!

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