With Winter just around the corner, I have wanted nothing more than to bottle Autumn up...literally.  So, before the weather got too nippy in my neck of the woods, I called up my dear friend Caity and invited her and her darling girls to join me and my chickies for an afternoon of picnicking and Autumn leaf collecting/viewing up at our beloved Sundance Ski Resort.  As planned, the little excursion was the highlight of the day.  Of course, there were a few tantrums that had to be weathered and some herding of the chickies that had to be done, but overall, the excursion was wonderful and we came home with buckets full to the brim of Mother Nature's finest Autumnal treasures.

When my chickies and I finally returned back to our little brick house, I pulled out a few mason jars in various sizes, filled them with some of the leaves and nuts that we collected, and then placed the jars in various places within our nest.  Although Autumn is quickly beginning to vanish, my home is now able to contain and preserve my most favorite season just a little bit longer.  Autumn truly is Mother Nature's last and loveliest smile, so make sure you,  don't miss it and go create some Autumn jars of your own.  Oh, and don't forget to snap a pic, or two, or three!

  Loves and Hugs,


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