Since the beginning of time, there have been Mothers.  Mothers who cook, organize, educate, beautify, manage, and fight all for the sake of becoming and being the very best caregiver they can for the children they look after.  As every woman who has ever been or played the role of Mother knows...Motherhood is beyond easy.   

In Today's world, a large majority of our society has many individuals believing that Motherhood is insignificant.  Something that should simply not be praised.  But, in all reality, Motherhood is one of the greatest callings a woman can answer too; the most sacred of services to ever be assumed by mankind.  So, Motherhood should not only be praised but exuberantly celebrated.

Motherhood, even womanhood, isn't easy; but we discovered early on just how fulfilling these roles can be.  And, that is exactly why we created Mumsy.  A place that not only celebrates motherhood but also strives to help every woman and  current, soon-to-be, or well seasoned mother find enjoyment in the roles she was born to play.

With that, we welcome you to Mumsy!  Our little patch of paradise within the world wide web.  May you forever get a renewed sense of who you are and a plethora of ideas to keep you going.

 The Mumsy Mums: