{Pictured L-R: Birdie, Michelle, Bug, Gus, and David}

Since I was a child, I have always remembered having traditions around the holidays.  Although some of them seemed minor and just a part of my family life at the time, I have come to realize just how important it is to have traditions.  For, whether they are big or small, traditions give us a firm foundation, a sense of nostalgia, a way for us to form stronger relationships with those that we love.

So, once I was married and had chickies of my own,  I decided early on to incorporate both old and new traditions into my family.  One of which, is going to a local pumpkin patch just before Halloween.  

Before having chickies of our own, David and I would select our pumpkins from a local grocery store "pumpkin patch".  But, as we began to add our children to the mix, we decided that a large cardboard box, placed precariously outside the entrance of motion activated double doors, wouldn't cut it any more.  So, for past three years David and I have loaded our little ones into the family cruiser and journeyed to a new pumpkin patch every October.

This month, we welcomed our third child, Bug, into our family and decided this time to try out a pumpkin patch close to our nest.  After talking some options over with my dear friend Jenn, we decided to visit Jaker's Jack-o-Lanterns.  Needless to say, it did not disappoint.  A true pumpkin patchers paradise; consisting of not only an endless selection of pumpkins but also a corn pit, petting zoo, hay ride, tunnel slides, and hay mazes to boot.  All of which were 100% free!  Even though David and I like to venture out and try new things, we both agreed that our recent visit to Jaker's Jack-o-Lanterns wouldn't be our last. 

Unfortunately, there is only one Jaker's.  But, after doing some research online, I found a few other pumpkin patches HERE HERE HERE and HERE that those of you not living in my neck of the woods could hopefully visit.  If you have yet to form your own pumpkin patch tradition, it's not too late!  Halloween is still nearly two weeks away.  So, set some time aside now and let the years of fun begin!

Loves and Hugs,

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