Happy Halloween!  If you are like us mums here at Mumsy, Halloween is simply magical.  A day filled with thrilling activities, spooks galore, and endless treats that will more than likely give you a cavity or two :)

So, wanting nothing more than to start this holiday off on the right foot; here is a treat from moi to you.

Loves and Hugs,

Pumpkin Tear Art

Supplies Needed:

*Copy of Mumsy Jack-o-lantern outline

* Orange, green, brown, and black construction paper.
* Glue
* Yourself and a chickie or two.

How To:

1) With your chickie, begin tearing off pieces of paper from your constructions paper sheets (size doesn't matter).

2) Squeeze a dot of glue in the center off each torn of piece of paper, one at a time.

3) Place your piece of paper anywhere within the Jack-o-lantern outline.

(Ideally, you would use the orange construction paper for the pumpkin part, the green and brown for the stem, and the black for the facial features. But, when it comes to chickies and art, I have learned that it is best to let their imaginations soar.  Especially because you usually get something way better than you ever planned/expected.)

4) With you chickie(s) find a place in your nest to display the final masterpiece.

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