Halloween Activities: playing with music

Have you ever gone to a mommy and baby music class before? They're really fun! They can teach early music education, social skills, and class structure. You also get to bond with your little one. They can also be pricey.

Couple years ago my sister-in-law and I decided we would put together our own music class to save on costs. We invited all our mommy friends every week to join us. We had a welcome song, activities, and a TON of fun!

I'm going to share a couple of Halloween activities we did in the class and I hope you have fun with your little ones too in this spooky season.

1. Old Miss Witch (Are you sleeping)
Old Miss Witch, old Miss Witch
How you fly, how you fly
On my broomstick
Way up high
Sing the song while doing the actions with your toddler on the floor-
Bicycle legs
Arms overhead
Arms across
Lift legs
2. Ghost sounds Copy cat
This activity teaches little children about high and low sounds. You can also explain that some sounds aren't very scary when you know where they're coming from. Making this sound may help your child not be so scared of spooky sounds.
Make the ghost sound "Eeeww" for a 10 seconds. Prompt your child to imitate you. You can say "my turn" before and "your turn" after. You can also give your child praise after when they copy you and give smiles. (Repeat after every step)
Make the sound and bring your voice low.  
Make the sound bringing your voice high.
Now, change your voice going up and down in pitch.
Start doing different patterns.
3. Slow/Fast
This activity is easy to do if you don't like to sing. It also teaches slow and fast.
Put on your favorite Halloween song. Some we used are the Monster Mash, Purple People Eaters, Thriller, and Zombie Jamboree.
Dance around in a circle with your child while playing with/without musical instruments. Prompt your child to go "slow" walking in the circle and "fast". You can say "slower" and "faster" to have a little fun. My children loved it when we would build starting at slow and going faster and faster and faster.

You can also have your child sit and play their instrument doing the same slow and fast game.

DIY Musical Instruments

Halloween Activities: playing with music

If you don't have any instruments you can always make your own. Here's some DIY ideas that are super easy and recycle things from around the house.

  • Percussion - Pot, pan, or metal baking pan with a spoon.
  • Drum -  Formula or oatmeal container.
  • Shaker - Baby food jar with beans. 
  • Bells - Toilet paper roll with pipe cleaners and bells. Or Pipe cleaners and bell. The toilet paper roll helps little hands hold the bells.
  • Guiro - Can, felt, spoon. Hot glue the felt around the edge of a cleaned can. Show your child how you can run the spoon against the sides. They can bang inside and out as well.   

Hope you have fun! Music can be such a great outlet and way to bond.

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