Still needing some unique and fun ways to spruce up the house for Halloween? Well here's what we did around our home to get in the spooky season. Each craft is well under $5! You may have all these supplies in which case these crafts could be FREE! If you have any embellishments feel free to add.

This posts explains how to make:

Paper Pinwheels
 Haunted Village
Tulle Wire Wreath
Burlap Banner
Gnarly Broom
& Monster House!
Paper Pinwheels
Total Cost:
$.60 Small Pinwheel (Half a piece)
$1.10 Medium Pinwheel (1 piece)
$2.10 Large Pinwheel (2 pieces)

This craft is great for any occasion/holiday. Its extremely versatile. I used the craft to create depth with the existing decor I already had. I think these would be great also hanging from a string for parties.
*12X12 Scrapbook Paper - Average Cost $1.00 (For hanging use double sided paper)
(You should be able to snag some paper even cheaper by using a coupon, which many large craft stores often have, for 40% off. Joans and Michaels often have these on their website, the smart phone app, or in mailers. Keep an eye out for discounted paper.)
*Hot glue - Less than 1 stick
*Small Sturdy piece of card stock like paper for the back reinforcement. $.10
(I used leftover poster board from the haunted village craft/monster house)
*Optional string for hanging and embellishment for middle
1. Fold your paper in half and cut along the line. *For small pinwheel you will need to fold again so there are three creases separating the paper into four sections. Then cut along the creases.

2. Begin an accordion fold folding back and forth until the paper is completely folded.
3. Take the two halves and connect them together using tape, staples, or glue. The pinwheel will be tight so it might fold onto itself in this step.

4. If the pinwheel has folded onto itself you will need to flatten it back out. If you used thick paper this is more likely to happen as there is not as much "give". You may need another set of hands. Either way work the pinwheel back to a flat piece and reinforce the back with a sturdy piece of scrap paper such as card stock. This should hold it in place. IF you need to reinforce the front you can glue a pice of paper in front as well.
Optional: If you'd like to attach the pinwheel to something you can add a twist tie as pictured. At this time you could also glue some string to the top if you were going to hang the pinwheel.

Optional: If you find you would like to reinforce the front you can add a cute embellishment.

Small pinwheels on our Halloween tree

Medium and Large Pinwheels hanging above a window

Haunted Village
Total Cost: $.50 plus cost of 9 pieces white printer paper
This craft can be used above pictures, silhouettes in windows, or you can print the files just for the kids to color
*Black piece of poster board $.50 at local dollar store 
*Printed template
Download/Print out this exclusive Mumsy template by clicking this link:
1. Print template (shown above) 
2. Cut the black poster board into 8 1/2 X 11 pieces to match the computer paper.
(You can use leftovers for the back of the pinwheel craft)

3. Place the paper over the precut poster board and cut along stencil.

4. Attach in desired location with painters tape or your choice of adhesive.

Tulle Wire Wreath
Total Cost: $4.00 + cost of embellishments
Once again a versitle craft. This could easily translate over to Christmas, Easter, etc. just by using that holidays colors.

*Half a yard of tulle in two or more colors. More for a more full wreath.
*Wire hoop or blank wreath $1.00
*Thin gauge wire $1.00
*Optional embellishments. The crow pictured is from the Dollar Tree. the garland I bought at a after Halloween sale for under a buck.
(You should be able to snag some supplies even cheaper by using a coupon, which many large craft stores often have, for 40% off. Joans and Michaels often have these on their website, the smart phone app, or in mailers.)
1. Cut the tulle into 3 inch strips and  in half. So the strips should be about 18in long (longer if using a thicker base).
2. Tie the tulle around the hoop in the middle of strip. Work around the frame covering the wreath.

3. Cut the wire in about 8 in pieces and attach to the frame. If you are using a larger frame you will need to use more wire.
4. Take the newly attached piece of wire and twist around your finger loosely creating the curls. You can pull out the spirals. Note: If you are attaching a garland as pictured you can use the wire to secure the garland.
5. Add any optional embellishments. The crow had wire under his feet which I would around the frame.

Autumn Burlap Banner
Total Cost: $3.50

I just love that this pattern for the banner could translate to almost any event. It could say "Happy Birthday" or "Congrats".

*1/8 yard of burlap or larger if you'd like a larger banner $1.00 (I got mine on eBay and paid $5 a yard. remember you should be able to snag some supplies even cheaper by using a coupon, which many large craft stores often have, for 40% off. Joans and Michaels often have these on their website, the smart phone app, or in mailers.)

*Twine $.97 (Walmart, in the hardware section)
*Hot glue - Less than a stick
*Fabric paint
*Stamp or stencil $.99 (Dollar stores often sell these, as well as major craft stores)
*Optional: I thought it could be cute to add some large wooden beads in between each letter or tie some ribbon.
1. Cut the burlap into triangles.

2. Glue the triangles to some poster board or cardboard. Make sure you glue an inch into the triangle so the backing will not show when trimmed.
3. Add the words you like using paint and stencil/stamps. I chose "Autumn" so I could use it longer in the season.

Optional:Add patterned triangles to the ends of your banner. You could do dots (as pictured), stripes, or chevron pattern.
4. Hot glue the twine to the back making sure the triangle are all facing the same way or you can hole punch and string it through. It may be a good idea to lay out the triangles and then the twine on top to make sure the twin does not get twisted.

TIP: If you're going to string it through wrap some tape around the end so it does not fray.

Gnarly Broom
Total Cost: $.50

This craft is pretty easy to make and inexpensive. You could make a few with different types of branches and place them in a pot marked "Broom Parking".

*Twigs and sticks from your yard
*Twine, rope, or Halloween colored yard $.97 (Walmart, in the hardware section. Also used in the burlap banner.)
*Duct Tape $3.97 (Though you will need only about a yard of tape)

*Optional spiders from Dollar Tree
1. Gather the sticks you'd like to use. Pick one stick as your handle. This stick should be thickest and longest.
2. Trim the sticks so there are no smaller twigs sticking off.
3. Gather the smaller branches around the handle. Wrap duct tape around the sticks around the handle TIGHTLY. Wrap enough that when you let go the stick stay in place.

4. Hot glue twin around the duct tape by first adding some hot glue to secure the first strand. Then continue to work up the broom until the top. Once you get to the top secure the last stand again with hot glue. And thats it!

The Monster House!
Total Cost: $1.50

Trick or treat if you dare! This works best if you have two windows on each side of your entry though I would recommend for one window placing both eyes in the single window. Another variation is to place multiple eyes all over the window.

*(2-3 depending on the size of windows) Black poster boards $.50 ea at a local dollar store 
*Couple pieces of tape for windows/duct tape for teeth
1. Lay the poster board on each other and draw out what you'd like the eyes to look like. Here's a few ideas I came up with. Cut along stencil and when you hang flip one eye so it is mirroring the other eye.

2. You will need to use remaining poster board to make the teeth so make sure you have enough for that. The teeth are made by cutting triangles just like the pumpkin eyes.

3. Now using clear packing tape or your tape of choice tape the eyes to the windows. Tape the teeth above your doorway.

Let me know if you have any questions doing these crafts or email us your finished products! Hopefully you already have some of the materials to cut costs. The best crafts in my book are the ones that help you use up supplies and are free!

Happy crafting!