Here at Mumsy, we love to read to our chickies.  Especially as the weather turns crisp and the days grow short.  At this time of year, there is nothing we adore more than snuggling up with our little ones and enjoying a good book.

So, if you find yourself and your chickies spending more time indoors than out.  Here are a few of our favorite Fall/Halloween books that will help you, and your chickies, enjoy the hours spent cooped up indoors.

"The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything"
By: Linda Williams

Illustrated by: Megan Lloyd

Why I love it: This book is the perfect balance of spooky and funny, making it enjoyable for both younger and older readers.  Along with that, I love how interactive it is.  So, if you are reading to a little one who is tad bit on the squirmy side, this book will get them up and moving but keep them focused at the same time since it is a sequential book that adds one more action on each page.

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"Just Say Boo!"
By: Susan Hood
Illustrated By: Jed Henry

Why I love it: "Just Say Boo!"  Is the perfect book to read to your little ghouls as Halloween continues to approach.  Not only are the illustrations to die for, but the text is also easy to read and memorize; making it a perfect book for any little one to chime in on.  So, whether you have a chickie that loves or is a little scared of this holiday season, cozy on up with this book and I promise that by the time you reach the end no one will be able to resist saying, "Boo!"

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"Happy Halloween, Stinky Face"
By: Lisa McCourt

Illustrated By: Cyd Moore

Why I love it: Stinky Face is a series with a main character that reminds me of my little bear so much! He has a lot of questions & an imagination to boot. His Mama answers them in the best way. This is our favorite Halloween book. But there is a "Stinky Face" book for everyone!!

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"Fletcher & the Falling Leaves"
By: Julia Rawlinson
Illustrated by: Tiphanie Beeke

Why I love it: Another reoccurring character, Fletcher is very nervous about his friend the tree losing it's leaves. He feels like he has let his friend down when it loses all of them. But, when the first day of Winter arrives he gets a big surprise! I love this book because it helps to tech your child about dealing with change. Well, that & also Fletcher is adorable!!

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"Skeleton Hiccups"
By: Margery Cuyler
      Illustrated by: S.D. Schindler         
Why I love it: My kiddos love to make the "hic hic hic" sounds! When we read this I pause after each phrase letting them make the sound. It really keeps their attention and the book has a great pace to it.

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"Room on the Broom"
By: Julia Donaldson
Illustrated by: Axel Scheffler

Why I love it: We enjoy this book because of the repetition and rhythm. I often emphasize the "Down!" on each page in my best old woman witchy voice, which my kiddos love. Since rhyming is a precursor to reading, this book does a great job letting your child hear the similar sounds in each stanza. Bonus to this book is there is a DVD and fun website here .
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Now for the giveaway!

What's up for Grabs:

1. A copy of the book "Just Say Boo!"  signed by the very talented illustrator
Jed Henry.
{Learn more about him and his other illustrated works HERE.}

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  7. Fun! I love children's books. My husband and I have quite a collection. We've started a tradition of having seasonal books on display for various seasons/holidays; it's something both of our mothers did as well. Makes for easy decor :) Here are some of our favorite Halloween/fall books:

    Winnie the Witch:
    A Tiger Called Thomas:
    Happy Halloween, Little Critter!:

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