Well hello again!! I'm so excited to share this secret with you! (I would feel a little selfish if I didn't!) This is a super easy way to keep your face fresh & beautiful. Especially in the coming Winter weather! I used to work for a popular skincare & makeup brand. While I was there I learned A LOT! I did pick up some helpful skills in cosmetology school too, but I value what I learned later the most! I've come up with a skincare regimen that you will definitely love!

I chose to create the best, most affordable routine I could think of. This combines elements that anyone could use as long as you are dedicated to keeping your skin healthy. With that said, there is one important rule to good skincare. Be kind to your body, or it will manifest your bad behavior in your skin! Make sure you are drinking enough water. Stay away from hydrogenated oils. Keep your sugar & salt intake low. There are many other things I could tell you to stay away from, but this isn't a nutrition post! All I will say is that our skin tells us if we are properly taking care of our bodies!!
To begin, you have to know what steps to take to properly balance your PH levels in your skin.
These steps are...
1. Makeup removal
2. Cleansing
3. Exfoliating
4. Moisturize(PH restoration)
You can absolutely go to your favorite department store & pick up a flawless skincare regimen. But, I understand that the majority of us mamas are raising little ones, & would rather spend the family budget on our kiddos! Can I get an 'amen'?? So, I would love to share this delightfully pocket friendly routine with you!

Your shopping list should read...

Olive Oil
Apple Cider Vinegar
Tea Tree Oil
Witch Hazel
Rubbing Alcohol
Coconut oil
Green Tea or Black Tea (optional) (not pictured)
Lemon Juice
Glycerin Soap

*Always check your dollar store first! Most of my list came from mine!

1 1/2oz witch hazel
1 1/2oz rubbing alcohol (I like to get the kind with spearmint added to it. It smells really good & gives it a little color.)
2 squirts of lemon juice
1 1/2oz green tea or black tea (full of antioxidants)
-Steep a teabag in 1 1/2oz of hot water for 20 minutes & add it to the mix
2 Tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar
*Shake all ingredients together for about 30 seconds.

*This should last you about a month!!

2oz Beeswax (Grated)
3 drops of Tea Tree Oil
1 1/2oz of Coconut Oil
1 drop of your favorite essential oil (optional)
Melt the beeswax in a warming pot. As it starts to form together, remove it from the heat & add the coconut oil. Mix it together with a whisk or hand mixer until it looks like this------->
When it cools, it should be soft enough to mix in your blender. This will whip it up for you. If it doesn't smell as yummy as you intended, add another drop of your essential oil.
*Depending on how dry your skin is, this should last you 2-3 months!

First step:

Olive Oil

Rub a small amount of oil on your face to remove your makeup. Wipe it off immediately with a warm wash cloth. (It will feel sooo good!) Make sure you do this quickly because the oil will start to help your skin absorb your makeup, instead of prepping it for the next step. This is one of the most important things you could do for your skin. You always need to remove makeup in preparation for cleansing your skin. If you didn't, it would be like showering with your clothes on!

Second Step:


You can use almost any soap to wash your face. Seriously, any old soap will be fine as long as you are following this routine! The molecules in soaps are meant to absorb dirt & other contaminants (oils) through lathering.
Once or twice a week you can mix your soap with aspirin. Simply dissolve 5 pills with a small amount of water. (Make sure it really is small, or you will have a runny mess!) 
After cleansing, dab your skin with a dry towel.
Third Step:
Toning, Clarifying, Exfoliating (They all mean the same thing!)
Remove dead skin & toxins by lightly saturating a cotton round with your toner & quickly swiping it on every part of your face. Remember that you are removing dead skin. If you scrub too hard or go over the same spot too many times, you will have red spots. We don't want that!!
Fourth Step:
Lightly massage your skin with a gentle layer of lotion. Always be generous with the dry patches. This will restore anything that was removed in the first 3 steps!

Well there you have it Mumsies!! Love you all!


  1. Good question Rebecca! It actually brings down the inflammation/ red spots & exfoliates the skin at the same time. Your skin looks smoothe & younger as you do it. Only once maybe twice a week though. Your Skin needs time to regenerate!