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Meet Samantha Kelly.

For the past five years, I have been beyond privileged to know this incredible woman.  And let me tell you, if you looked up "One Woman Show" in the dictionary, her picture would be next to the description.  Currently, Sam can claim the roles of art therapist, college professor, artist, wife, mother, blogger, photographer, videographer, author, and home owner.

Sam is beautiful, unique, and truly one of a kind; and, if you don't already know her, by the time you are done reading this post I know you will share my sentiments.

So, without further's our Inspiring Mum Samantha.

Name: Samantha Kelly

Where do you live?: Salt Lake City, UT

Do you have kids?  If so, how many?: I have a 15 month-old daughter.

I wrote the following entry on my personal blog when Hero was only 6 weeks old: 

Dear Hero, 

Today you are 6 weeks old. you woke up from your early morning nap and were all smiles.

You've always been a happy girl, smiling from day 2, but this morning was different. this morning felt like the first time that you really recognized me and were smiling because you were looking at me, your mom. and when you heard my voice, you'd smile even more. it was so fun to get to play with you for the first time like that. 

Then I picked you up and held you in my arms in the rocking chair.

Lately, when you're awake, you haven't loved being cuddled close but would much rather be held while sitting or standing. I've missed our cuddle time but love that you wanna do your own thing, too.  But this morning, you let me just hold you close and I started singing one of my favorite primary hymns, "I'm trying to be like Jesus." As I was singing, I was suddenly overcome with such a strong feeling of clarity and love.  In that moment, life seemed so simple. so wonderfully simple.  I came to a new understanding about life and my own role as a woman and a mother.  It's all about love.  Love and making good choices.  I felt so grateful for where I am in my life and the choices I've made to get to this place.  To take care of you every day.  To show more genuine love and kindness to those around me.  To be happy with myself and what I can contribute to the world. 

I loved you so much in that moment, sweet girl. 

And the tears came.

What are your hobbies/passions/things you absolutely love?:  

I love art and I love people.

I graduated from BYU's art program and emphasized in painting and drawing. I went on to get a Master's degree in Art Therapy Counseling and have enjoyed the years I've spent working as a clinical art therapist. Before my daughter was born, I also spent 3 years teaching for Utah Valley University's Public and Community Health department and found an unexpected love for teaching. After Hero was born, I discovered a new creative outlet in the form of videography and photography. Getting to work creatively with others through our videography business, Kelly Arts Films, and my family/lifestyle photography has been the most perfect way for me to be an active wife and mother but also fulfill my strong desire to be creative and have meaningful connections with those around me. 

Now that I have Hero, my days are usually spent reading books, practicing our animal sounds, cleaning up spilled Cherrios, and kissing the sweetest chubby cheeks. 

Your Story/How it has molded you into the mother/wife/woman you are or want to become: 

When I was 23 years old, I divorced my husband of 2 years. When our new life together was just getting started, everything came crashing down to the ground. At the time, I was scared, confused, angry, ashamed, and felt very alone. 

Looking back, now 5 years later, I am able to see how much that harrowing experience truly molded my character and shaped my spirit into the woman and mother I am today. I have a very happy, healthy marriage and a beautiful little girl. There is so much to be grateful for and I hope I never take for granted the peace and joy that I have worked for and been blessed with. 

Questionnaire by Samantha Kelly

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