Only one more day before Halloween...finally!  This is by far my favorite holiday and I tend to go all out every year.   Since October 1st, my nest has been oozing everything from Halloween crafts to unlimited goody consumption.  But, one thing that I like to hold off on until Halloween night, is my family's annual Halloween dinner party.

For the past couple of years, I have made different meals; trying to find the perfect one for my family.  This year, however, I finally settled on a meal that will become the new norm for our annual Halloween dinner party.  So, if you too adore doing something a little more fun and magical on this night of spooks and sweets try having your own Halloween feast.  It's super easy and something your family will absolutely love.

Here's how I do mine~

halloween dinner party

sppoky halloween dinner party

1) Plan out the menu.  This year, and every year to follow, I decided to do homemade chili in pumpkin bread bowls that I got from my local bakery.
(Note:  Bakeries LOVE the holidays!  Stop by your own local bakery to see what they have concocted for Halloween this year and incorporate it into your feast.)

2) Choose a color scheme for the table.   I opted for orange, black, and green this time.  Three colors that I knew were in a plethora of things that I owned.

3) Choose a theme for the table.  I decided on pumpkins this time around.

4) For a more eerie effect, don't forget to include a few candles in your table decor.  I like to use a mix of regular candle sticks placed in various single flower vases and bottles and a few miniature pillar candles to add variants in height and style; giving my table a more eclectic feel.  When it is time to eat, dim the lights and light your candles.  Chickies especially, will love this!

5) Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Loves and Hugs,

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