Needing some new date night choices? Heres some that savor the fall season and should bring some spice to your week.
Fall date night ideas

  1. Take a late night walk around the block bundled up under the fall harvest moon. Talk about whatever is on your minds. Or maybe even print out and take a tour of the fall sky-
  2. Go to a bakery or cafe with seasonal treats and enjoy the cinnamon and spice. Who doesn't want some pumpkin hot cocoa or warm chili?
  3. Visit a local hiking spot and admire the trees changing. Bring a picnic, frisbee, or football.
  4. Find a corn maze, hayride, or haunted house. 
  5. Decorate some pumpkins. If you will be carving later a fun alternative is to buy two pie pumpkins and then decorate a pumpkin for each other with paints or sharpies. You could even create the pumpkin version of each other which should bring some laughs.
  6. Go to a football game. Bring some snacks or a thermos of cider.
  7. Watch a scary movie at home snuggled up together, perfect for the Halloween spirit.

  8. Go to local orchard or berry patch. Pick some fresh produce. Play a game of hide and seek. Or get all dressed up, or bring a tripod, and have a photo shoot.

    Don't you love those beautiful orchard pictures?  
  9.  Feel free to tailor your time together around your interests. I'd love to hear what you've tried or done in the fall.

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