Fall is here!! That means we all might need a new look! Fall makeup is my favorite!

Notice that name brands will not be shared on this post. I am a firm believer that you can make a great look for yourself as long as you have the skills & good brushes! Sure, some would argue that there is a difference between store bought brands & high-end brands. But, everyone has the right to be confident in how they look regardless of their budget!! Wouldn't you agree?  

This post is just for your everyday face. I have upcoming posts about more detailed looks. (I can't wait to share them with you!!)

We start with a great primer. You can find a quality primer almost anywhere cosmetics are sold. They are usually a pure product. I have used one from the grocery store for a year now & I love it!

Now to your basic concealer & foundation. If your summer tan is fading & your foundation seems a little "vibrant", I would tell you to go one shade lighter. Make sure your new shade is in the same tone family as your summer hue.

The next step is to highlight. Your skin might seem a tad bland. With the cold weather & lack of sunny days your look might need a teeny little pick-me-up! Highlighters are a fun little thing to add to your collection. They come in so many different colors. I'm always excited to play with them until I find one I love! My favorite form it comes in is a stick. (Sort of like a lipstick tube.) This silly picture illustrates where it should go. I put arrows on her collar bone, but that is certainly optional!

After brightening up your look, it's time for a little color! If you don't already use one, now is the time! I would play with as many colors as you can to make sure you have the right one. Remember, the more subtle the better. Your skin color is lighter now. Be sure to keep your tone. Just enhance! The darker places on the diagram mean that you need to apply the color a bit more heavy than the rest. The forehead, nose & chin should be lightly dusted. only do this so that you add dimension to your beautiful cheekbones! 

The next part is my favorite step of any look... Eyes!! Since you have already applied your brightener, you don't have a need for primer on your eyes. I would choose your eye shadow according to your natural tone. (Brunettes-purples, pinks, light browns. Blondes- blues, greys, opaque's, etc...There will soon be an upcoming post on this!) I would choose 3 gradient shades. You are welcome to choose your favorites from different brands, but it's also fine to choose a compact with them already together. Just make sure they are subtle. Remember that this is your every day look!! 
*Tip: Dab extra powder under the eye. This way you can just sweep your mistakes away. It will also help with smudging & running!

Step 1 
Your largest eye brush would be best to use for this. It should look like a tiny blush brush. Take the lightest of the three shades you chose. Apply it corner to corner of each eye. Stop the arch where your brow bone begins.


Step 2
The best brush for this would be a "smudge brush". This one would look a little like your kids basic watercolor paintbrush, but flat. Take the second darkest shade from the far corner of the eye until you are just past the middle. Fade it into the lighter shade as much as you can. Stop your arch just below your crease. (Make sure the last color peeks out a the top.)

Step 3
This step needs an angled contour brush. It looks just like any old eye brush that has been cut in half at...wait for ANGLE! Anyway...The color for this should be the darkest of the three. You should start at the far corner of your eye & trace along the top of the last color you applied in step 2. The line you make should stop right before where you stopped with step 2. This color can also be used as liner on the bottom of your eye.


 Step 4
Liner!! You're almost done! Remember that this is your day look, so a little goes a long way! All liners are not created equal. A dark powder or pencil could be used for this step. Gel liners are great too, but it can be hard to keep it lite without a super thin brush. It can be applied the same way as you would normally. The line should only be as thin as you can get it!

I'm not sure if there should be a step 5. Mascara is "all relative" as it goes. Just make sure you are changing it out at least every season. (I would even recommend once a month.)
I feel like lips are the same! We all have our own shade we love. I would say it's okay to go about 2 shades darker. For your day look, use a good lip brush & apply 1 coat of your new color. Before you do that you should use your brush to make a line around your lips to make sure it stays where you want it too!

Check back every week for a new post on beauty!! In the next few weeks we will go over my top picks for makeup brushes, lip color & skincare! I wish I could be with you while you play with all of your new colors! Send us an e-mail if you have anymore questions! Have fun!!


  1. Fun post! I'd like to try some of your techniques. Do you have any recommendations for getting samples of colors to play around with? Thanks!!

  2. I'm so glad you liked it, Lisa! I know I said no brand names, but there is one that's extremely budget friendly. It's called E.L.F. (eyes, lips, face)
    Copy and paste this url your browser. They have sets for $6. You can choose your color family & have 6 shadows to choose from! They even have sets for $10 to $15 for shadows, lip color & blushes. For Free Samples, I would suggest going to your local department store. The makeup counters there are stocked with samples! Most of the time you can match these colors with your store brands. (They are often made in the same factory, you're just praying for the packaging! ) I love getting questions! Let me know if you have anymore!!