I'm sure my family & friends are laughing as hard as they can right now! As we get to know each other more, you will find that I'm the last person who should be giving advice about organizing anything! That might be the reason why I feel so compelled to write this post.

I have a desperate need to organize my life. I'm sure many of you are like me, always striving for that unattainable goal of having a perfectly clean home & knowing where every single item is. But, life always gets in the way. Am I right?? I've been searching for ways to help me in my hopeless endeavor. As most of you, I too am a lover of all things Pinterest. I'll share a pin or 2 that are the most helpful in my crazy life! I have also included information I've collected from the web. Maybe someday I can even move past my kitchen & manage the rest of my house! (Yeah right!)

My first pick was a pin from In the post it talks about the importance of food placement. I know, it sounds super silly. I'm telling you though, my mind was BLOWN when I opened this article. One of the most annoying parts of my day would be when I'm all prepped to make my boys a good meal & I discover that one of my ingredients has gone bad!! Seriously infuriating! There are 27 suggestions to mull over, but I decided to only note my most essential picks.

Follow these rules on where to place items within your fridge:1. Obviously has borrowed this part from So, make sure to stop by & read the rest of the article if you would like more detail. I loved this part because I never knew most of the details of proper fridge storage. To me, the only details I needed to worry about was storing the meat in the drawer with the fruits & veggies in the crisper. Anything else usually just gets stacked into an eventual game of edible "Jenga"! So, take a look at the tips here. I bet you will have an easy transition to a more organized fridge.

2. Store fresh food to make it last as long as possible.

I really hate it when food is just wasted! It seems to me that it's all about maintaining the gas that is emitted from plants as they start to die. The gas is called ethylene. If you find ways to contain it according to the density of the plant you are storing, it will last much longer than anything you tried preserving before.

Stalk foods such as delicate herbs, asparagus, green onions, etc. should be kept like fresh flowers. Just fill a glass container, put the stalks in & cover it with a plastic bag. Then stick them in the fridge. This will keep "feeding" them for quite a while so you are getting a fresh taste & nutrients that only come from fresh food! Some of them will even continue to grow!

Onions, garlic & shallots should not be stored in the fridge or anywhere near potatoes. I always kept the two together in my pantry & had rotten potatoes within a week! If only I had figured this out sooner! The best way to preserve these would be inside of knotted pantyhose hanging freely in a dry place.

Speaking of potatoes, they should be in the same space as apples. This will keep them from sprouting!

Wrap the end of your bananas with plastic wrap. They produce more ethylene than most other foods. It's always smart to have them on a hook on your counter.

Berries should be washed in a vinegar solution as soon as you get them home. It should be 9 parts water, 1part vinegar. This will remove bacteria & mold spores from them.

 Photo source:

3. Cabinet doors are the best hiding place!

I don't think any of us use the entire cabinet from top to bottom. (If you have found an efficient way to do this, hats off to you!!) I like the idea of keeping things in the cabinet door for easy access. This saves me lots of counter space & time. A few things I have come across on Pinterest would be...

Spice racks take up so much space on my counter. By screwing tension holders in your cabinets for spice jars you not only save space, but they are also readily available when you're cooking

Paint the inside of them with chalkboard or dry erase paint for writing down lists & favorite recipes. I've even seen pins where people have put a magnet board inside for notes & other things you might not want on display!

Lastly. I've included 2 exclusive printables that I have in my cabinet doors on top of hooks that hold my measuring cups & spoons! 

 Information source: U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Well, it's late. Hopefully some of what I said made some sense!! Until next time Mammas!

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